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August 31, 2007

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Never go food shopping when you are hungry. That's what I did this morning. I figured I'd get it out of the way today and then I wouldn't have to do it over the weekend, and I would buy some good stuff for the 3-day weekend. As I was rounding one of the aisles, there was a huge display of Hostess products. I spied these carrot cake cupcakes and like Pavlov's dog, I started salivating. Who doesn't love a nice gooey carrot cake with the sweet cream cheese frosting? Ya know the kind.... so sweet that your teeth and jaw begin to hum, and in a half hour your friends or coworkers have to scrape you off the ceiling from the sugar high.

Oh!! OH!!! The deliciousness! Those plump carrot cupcakes, with creamy trans fats and in 100 calorie packages!!! I could have three of these scrumptious icing covered cream filled decadant cupcakes. I've always had a fondness for Hostess products. HoHo's, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Crumbcake, Twinkies. It's all good. And my favourite of all, those amazing chocolate frosted cupcakes with the cream filling......Oh Sweet Joy! Oh Blessed Creamy Rapture!! So I finish my shopping, get home and put the groceries away. I cannot wait to try one of these bad boys. I make my coffee and carefully open the box..... ....and I pull this out of the box. Are ya freakin kiddin' me? Note to Hostess: If you are going to put a picture like that on the box, make sure the damn product looks like the picture!!!Yes, that's a quarter, ladies and germs. I gotta tell ya, these cupcakes look like they have seen better days.
Does this really look like the creamy filled goodness that Hostess depicts on the box?

But I ate 'em anyway.


  1. I just had to laugh... I did something similar yesterday with a little tub of mini oreos (still not eaten) and these tiny little jaffa cakes, only 29 calories each, gluten and cholesterol free and low fat, but there were 12 of them and they were so little they were only a mouthful each, so what's 12 x 29... yeah 348 lousy calories and they didn't even taste that good.

    I made up for it with some Green & Blacks good chocolate... that was last night's dinner... I am soooooooo bad!

    have a wonderful long weekend

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  2. Sounds like somethign I'd do jojo...I buy the damn low-fat,low-calorie(low taste too) version of favourites in an effort to be good,but it never really works.They usually leave me feeling so cheated that I treat myself to something else instead which kind of defeats the purpose :-)

    Hope they tasted better than they looked

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Man, those were some pathetic excuse for a carrot cake....
    They looked rather sickly!
    You ate them- but you didn't say if they tasted good or not...
    Next time buy at the bakery and enjoy the transfats!

  4. They're OK....I mean, they're so small you can practically swallow them whole.

  5. Ohh, those don't look good. They remind me of 'Zingers'! (Does anyone remember those?)

  6. Guilty pleasure w/o the pain. I like the chocolate ones. Reminds me of my unhealthy childhood...

  7. were zingers the frosted cakes with jam in them?

  8. Zingers were made by the 'Dolly Madison' company. They were log shaped cream filled frosted cakes (although I wouldn't be surprised if some were filled with jam)

    I just remember between the cake, the frosting and the cream filling you needed at least 2 large glasses of water to swallow them.

  9. I saw those very cakes in a store here and thought..."Hmmm,100 calories,NICE...but what's the catch?"

    I already had the crappy 100 calorie Nabisco packs,blech!

    My Granny was right...if you are going to be bad,just go on and do it,no going halfway!No fake proteins,no "lite" foods,nothing half-hearted.

  10. "HoHo's, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Crumbcake, Twinkies."

    What about Ding Dongs???

    Get y'all's minds out of the gutter! They were chocolate cake cream-filled gut bombs.

  11. Mark - I grew up on the east coast and what you know as Ding Dongs, we knew as Ring Dings. Sort of like Best Foods Mayo is called Hellman's Mayo east of the Rockies.

  12. Y'know...I just discovered 'Soy Crisps'! They're pretty good..

  13. So, JoJo, I am given to understand that you were denied the pleasure of a Ding Dong in your youth?

  14. lol!! i am crackin' up jojo! that is hilarious!

    i remeber zingers, i also remember the older we got the smaller they got. hubby bought some a while back and when he took them out we just looked at them, they're like half the size they used to be(!)

    btw-i hear your boys are doing well today!!

  15. Mark - Well I wouldn't go that far...I've had my share of ding dongs. How do we always end up so far off topic?? ;P

    Kris - when I went to bed the Huskies were crushing the Syracuse Orange Crush. NOTRE DAME AT 12:30 BABY!!!

  16. I've been very good today - bought a tub of ready-made jelly (vegetarian variety) with lotes of lovely fruit in it, very low calorie. And a pot of extra thick Jersey cream to go with it...

    Well, they sell good-for-you desserts in the store, but they all have beef gelatine in them. Who the hell wants beef in their dessert, especially if they're a veggie!

  17. On a slightly different subject, today I bought some little plastic pots with suction caps designed for the shower, only 79 pence each (about $1.60) so I got 3 to try out - each one will hold about 2 bottles of shampoo etc.

    How is your new thingy working out?

  18. "How do we always end up so far off topic?? ;P"

    I credit twenty-five years of construction experience for my ability to create sexual innuendo out of the most innocent of topics.

  19. Mark - "Innuendo"....isn't that an Italian suppository? lol

    Val - I never thought of the beef gelatin thing in desserts before. That's just gross!!!

  20. I dunno. I'm not Italian. I think in my case it's an "injewendo".

  21. Anonymous7:51 PM


    that sux. an itty bitty cupcake. those bastards. great comparison with the quarter, Jo.