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July 30, 2007

"Now I, had, the time of my life...."

I'm back from my unbelievably FANTASTIC trip to Vancouver Island. Can I go back please? I must say, I LOVE CANADA!! I really do. The people are so nice and so polite. For example, in the States, when a city bus is out of service for the day, all it will say is "NIS" on the board above the windshield. Short, sweet, to the point. In Canada, however, the board above the windshield flashes, "SORRY, I AM NOT IN SERVICE".

I had the absolute BEST time and the weather was just perfect. In the mid-70's, nice and cool on the water, very sunny, bright blue sky......I could not have asked for better. I have to take my pictures for processing at the camera shop today, so I have nothing to show you......yet. But since I shot 72 frames of black & white film, 168 frames of colour film and about 250 digital photos, I will have PLENTY to post when I get them back on Friday. I saw orca whales on the whale watch, and I have my fingers and toes crossed that those pictures came out.

The song which will forever be linked with this trip is "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane, which I must purchase as soon as possible. Sort of like last year's trip to Vancouver, where "Bittersweet Symphony" reminds me of being there.


  1. It is nice to have our "Unofficial Goodwill Ambasador" for Canada, visit us. Cheers JoJo. Don W.

  2. Thanks Don...I really do love your country, I always have and it's a total thrill for me to live so close and visit!

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM


    you are amazing with the photos it sounds like you took. i can hardly wait to see them. next time you have to come with me somewhere and take pix and entertain me.

  4. Can't wait to see your photos!
    Glad you had a good time.
    Yes, Diesel is a cool dude, your hubby should visit his blog -hilarious!

  5. Welcome home JoJo! Can't wait to see your pics :)

  6. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Welcome back! Will look forward to the photos.

  7. sounds like you had a blast. can't wait to se the pics. :)

  8. ...and will we get a travelogue with the pix??
    sounds like a wonderful time and i wanna hear all about it and see all of the pix!!

  9. Yes, I'll do a narrative of my adventures to go along w/ the photos.

    I could have had the pics back right away if I'd had them processed commercially, but I prefer to pay the extra and wait longer to have the camera shop process them!! The quality is a thousand times better.

  10. Can't wait for the pictures. It's nearly a year since my visit. Ahh!

  11. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Welcome home!

  12. hey! soooo glad you have sucha wonderful trip:D

    looking forward to all of your sure to be beautiful postings;)

  13. Welcome back, JoJo. Good to hear you had a fabu time.

    ""Bittersweet Symphony"

    Fuck I hate that song...


  14. aw,im so glad you had a great time jojo! we're glad to see you back :) next time you go, take me with you!

  15. WOW! So it was everything you'd hoped it'd be!! I can't wait to see the pics, babe.
    The best thing is that the weather was quite different from what yo'd been complaining about, huh? LOL!!!