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May 28, 2007

In the Bead Zone

Paper crafts have pretty much consumed my crafting life over the past 8 months or so. Lots of scrapbooks, cards and photo albums have been created and updated. I haven't had a lot of time to tackle all the bead projects I have planned, or work with all the fantastic beads I've scored over the past year or so. I made the time this weekend to get into The Bead Zone.

I forgot how focused and driven I get when I do beadwork till I start doing it again, then I can't seem to stop. I call it The Bead Zone. Since Saturday, I have made 10 necklaces, fixed and/or restrung 6 necklaces, put new hooks on 3 pairs of earrings, made 2 bracelets and a watchband. Boxes and beads stacked on my craft table, I will start working in the morning, taking a really quick lunch break and working into the evening. I can't stop thinking about new designs/projects and I can't wait till morning so that I can delve back in. The TV is on, just a din in the background.....poor Brian is saying stuff and I'm like, "mmmhmm" although I really do try to look up and pay attention.

I am a jewelry addict. I love jewelry. Always have. The sparkly and more colourful, the better. Being able to make my own jewelry has worked out really, really well.....although I seem to spend more money on jewelry supplies and beads than I would if I were buying one necklace in a department store. What can I say, it's an expensive but fun habit.

If you click on the pictures, they will get bigger so that you can see the detail.

I tried to take pictures outside but the sun just wasn't hitting the front of the house very well. This necklace is made with beautiful lavender/rose coloured beads, with garnet & pearls.

Found these fun beads up in Poulsbo.
I used dark amethyst beads (real amethyst, not glass) with lavender & clear swarovski crystal. The pendant is a really pretty shade of purple crystals.
This one came out way too washed out, which is too bad because the large beads are pale yellow and very light purple/pink, so I added yellow and pink swarovski crystals along with delica seed beads, and multicolour crystal bead caps.
Here's a pair of earrings. The large beads are black, blue and white swirly waves which I accented with pearls and Montana blue swarovski crystals.

This one's got a lot of fun texture as the red beads have raised white "dot" flowers. I added dark red and pale sapphire swarovski crystals along with silver beadcaps.

Michael's Crafts has a great selection of beads now, and that's where these aqua & copper beads were bought.

Assortment of lampwork beads paired with cobalt & sapphire swarovski crystals.

Lampwork beads by Austin Hamilton of British Columbia.


  1. can you make another one like the first one?I use as much semi-precious as I can.I also like glass and clay beads,the heavier the better.

    I am NOT very good at it BUT I like working with beads.

    They all look amazing Jojo!

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM


    Beautiful, JoJo. I love how you laid them outside on the trees. Very creative presentation!!!

  3. Bryde - I ran out of beads for the first one...I will usually only buy one strand and then make earrings, necklace & bracelet from it. But I only had enough of these to make the necklace & bracelet. I can't even remember where I got the beads.

    Julie - wish I could take credit for the idea but my cousin Cookie suggested it after one of her jewelry making friends did it.

  4. Well,in that case,I hope you don't mind if my bff and I maybe use these as templates for ourselves!I never was comfortable using pearls,but maybe I should try!I am going to send her these pics,if that is okay....makes me want to run to the bead store!

    I still have to string my scarab bead and its coordinating colors together....BUT I haven't learned to do the ends myself yet (damned vision) but maybe Carrie will take pity on me and do it for me!

  5. I'm sensing a pictorial title:

    "Beads and Boobs".

    Whaddya think?


    Nice work. Out on a Whim is one of my wife's favorite local haunts as well.

  6. Mark - if I ever manage to lose weight, I would like to recreate my fave picture of Janis.

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Those that do this have a darn sight more patience than I have, but should be very proud of the results!

  8. I know how long this stuff takes. When my friend visits she always sits there makes jewelry - usually necklaces and fancy chokers for ballroom dancers - and it takes anage. (I find lots of lost beads down the sides of the sofa, too!)

  9. I know the one. It would be perfect in light of this post's subject matter and my challenge over that pic I posted.

    Why not take the bull by the horns and just do it?


  10. wow... they are absolutely fantastic... you should go into business. A lot of girls I've met on blogging sell through Etsy... I've even bought from them.

  11. wonderful work! i like the last two ones the most, the colours are great. although i mostly don't wear jewelry at all, i can see the beauty in them. :)
    i can understand you when you're in "the bead zone". i think it's great to get so focused and excited about something that you can do it for hours and won't let anything distract you. i like that. :)

  12. Wow! I love your work Jo, beautiful colours and combinations.

  13. Jojo, guess what I'm wearing as we speak? Yes, still haven't taken off my skulls-necklace!!
    I love it sooo much! Thanks again!

  14. Just spent ages looking at these with my daughter,she's a much bigger jewellery fan than me.She was speechless in her admiration of your talent,I am too!

    You do some beautiful work,thank you for letting us see :-)

  15. absolutely amazing jojo! me thinks you have a gift;)

  16. Good stuff jojo! I love jewelry too! I don't wear much except earrings but I love to buy it anyway and especially beadwork. I just love the way it looks. I just bought some new earrings at the bead store in McMinnville. Geez I could spend hours looking through all those different beads.