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May 19, 2007

The Furchildren

Now that the lawncare/landscaper people dealt with our backyard, we are more inclined to go out there and play with our furkids. Here's Sagan in one of his fave places, a little hollow he dug under the sequoia. Last summer we were outside in our skychairs while the dogs ran around. Sagan had been in this spot for quite awhile. After he finally got up, Pepper went over and was sniffing around where Sagie had been laying down. Just as we remarked how cute she was for sniffing around where her brother was, perfectly on cue she squatted and took a leak right where Sagan had been laying. We both busted up. Couldn't believe she did that. What a handsome boy!!! He's come a long way from that skin-and-bones, starving to death 9 month old. He turned 2 in March and he's around 80 lbs. now.
Little Beanie.
Playing fetch.


  1. JoJo, they are beautiful! Dontcha just love it when they do those little things like that? It's like they really are siblings! Your yard looks great,by the way.

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM


    good for Pepper marking her territory. what a feisty gal she is. nice yard with all that room. perfect for doggies.

  3. awwwwwwww i love the puppies!

    i miss havin a german shepard. they're such great guard dogs and so lovable

  4. Your furchildren are completely adorable!

  5. They have a great life in a great place.

    But hey, JoJo - don't forget, you still have to cut the grass...

  6. aw, they are just so gorgeous... and obviously so entertaining

  7. Oh, they're so cute! Hello Babies!!

  8. You have beautiful furbabies,JoJo :-)

    Love the picture of Sagan under the tree.Have they taken to digging mantraps yet?? Ash ruined my moms garden by doing that in the middle of the lawn although her cats seem to appreciate the new beds!

  9. Anonymous11:49 AM


    Furbabies, I love it!! Your garden looks gorgeous, can so imagine sitting out there with you... one day maybe....