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April 27, 2007

Ya gotta check this out

Dudes and Dudettes!

Mark posted this link on his blog (Knockin on the Golden Door), and it's just way too hilarious to pass up:

The woman who wrote this has a fantastic sense of humour, and an amazing talent for, um, shaping ground beef.

You simply must check it out.

Gas prices are going up by the hour here in Washington. Last night when I got home, it was $3.25. When Brian went to Radio Shack at 7:00 pm, it was $3.27. When I left for work this morning, it is now $3.31. My monthly Chevron bill jumped from $268 to $331. Kinda puts a crimp in the ol' travel plans and makes me think twice about doing scads of day trips this year. As it is I'm going to have to save money for my trip to Canada, between the long haul between Bonney Lake and the ferries, and then gas up there being way more expensive than down here!

Mark - do you want to do a workshop on how to do a blog roll? I'm getting a lot of requests for the instructions!!!


  1. It is 2.87 here,jumped a few cents since last nice.I know that sounds cheap BUT when you figure in VERY low pay scales here and the fact that most of the state is rural,well it sucks!

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    In the UK, I think we are fast approaching the $9/gallon mark, even with the extraordinarily high exchange rate at the moment. I need to get Stateside and do some shopping!!

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    We just went up to $2.89 here. That doesn't sound bad comparatively, but it's as Bryde said- low wages and absolutely no public transportation in rural Vermont.

    My new hybrid civic just got 53 miles per gallon on the way home from work- a fairly hilly route with stop and go traffic.

    Is there a reason for the jump or is it mere speculation again? I heard prices would peak in May and slide down again. I hope that helps your summer plans, Jojo.

  4. We're still only at $2.99 here in Ohhhhhio, but it changes daily, usually over three bucks. It sucks.

    Thanks much for the linkup, lol, I'm glad you enjoyed that story so much... Nice meeting you!

  5. Next leson - How to do hyperlinks.

  6. "Mark - do you want to do a workshop on how to do a blog roll? I'm getting a lot of requests for the instructions!!!"

    Joanne - Forward that e-mail I sent you to the others. Or have them e-mail me and I'll forward it to them if you don't have it anymore.

    I tried to put it here but your comments program is blocking part of the HTML code for some reason.

  7. we are Diane... and they complain... huh!