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March 29, 2007


I know that Bryde's b-day is really on Saturday, but I wanted to get this posted now. Here's some of her fave rave eye candy:
Michael Rosenbaum with hair....
.....and without

Have a great birthday! I hope Michael has something great planned for you!


  1. Wow I LOVE the pictures...the sight of Rosey got my face all hot!And that one of Johnny!!??Never seen that one (might "borrow" it from your post).If only Vincent's shirt was unbuttoned a bit more....

    Thanks for the early birthday greetings,now I am going to go look at those pictures again....

  2. hey it's birthday season around here! i know of another one that's coming up soon too;)

    happy birthday Bryde! and look and vincent just teasing us with that open button and slight peak of his chest hair, almost looks like he did that on purpose..

  3. Happy Birthday, Bryde. JoJo's great at remembering birthdays and sending appropriate greetings. SHe should get an award.

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Happy birthday bryde - and I'd like Mr D'Onofrio for my birthday please (with all his buttons undone!)

  5. Anonymous9:41 PM


    Happy Birthday Bryde!! Wouldn't you love to have all these men fully unwrapped.

    That first pic of Vincent took by breath away. WOW..

  6. I sure would like all those...presents.I wouldn't know which one to play with first;)!

    Although I must confess.....damn I still can't decide,they are all so unique in their...talents?Brendan Fraser is quite nice eye candy too...and Dave Batista and Dwayne Johnson...yum....

    Thanks again for the visual presents Jojo.

  7. oooh my. vincents chest hair- amazing. brendan fraser's chest- amazing. what scrumptious pictures!

    happy birthday bryde!!

  8. bryde... now you're being greedy!!!!

    have an ab fab birthday and an even abber fabber year ahead

  9. I hope you had a great day yesterday, Bryde. Best wishes.