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February 28, 2007

The last of the B&W's

Some of these scanned kind of crooked, despite my best efforts to get the lid shut before they slid!! Lamp post on Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA - 2000
Quinault, WA - 2005 (the cemetery itself was very small but very picturesque and peaceful)

The sign had been knocked askew, but I decided to frame it to make Boston look crooked. 1985.

Nantasket, Massachusetts - 1988. I call this one "Stairway to Heaven".

This was painted on an old, run down building in West Berkeley, CA - 1996.

An alley off O'Farrell Street, near Union Square, San Francisco, CA - 1992.

Napier Lane, San Francisco's only wooden street, located on the back side of Telegraph Hill - 1995.
In the wild Barbary Coast days of the late 1800's, stories are told of men being lured to the cottages on Napier Lane by ladies of the night and drugged. They'd wake up well out to sea on a ship headed for the Orient. Thus, the term "Shanghai'ed" was born. The tourists have no idea that this part of T-graph Hill exists.

BC Legislative Buildings, Victoria, BC - 2005.

I loved how the sun was hitting the side of her face, but I confess, I don't know who the statue is supposed to be. It's on the top of Parliament in Victoria. I have another photo of this same statue, but with a seagull on its head, so the statue is looking up at the bird, as if to say, "please don't crap on my head!" Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed.


  1. These are great JoJo, I'll try to I/d the lady at the top.

  2. JoJo, there is a similar statue in London and it would appear to be Queen Victoria.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM


    very nice JoJo. love the Boston picture. i could say to you, "quit your day job."

  4. Don - I thought it might be Queen Victoria too, but there's a huge statue of her in front of the buildings, near the fountain.

  5. these are so wonderful. you find the most amazing shots. thank you for showing all of us these;)

  6. Anonymous3:20 PM

    You are a very talented photographer Jojo

  7. I must say it doesn't look like Victoria the way she is usually portrayed. I wonder what she is holding?

    I love the Art Deco lamp at the top.

  8. I have to leave the final word to our London'er, if anyone would know, it would be Val. The only thing is that the round thing she is holding appears on both images.

  9. Thanks for the comment on the aircraft diving out of the clouds.I decided to email the pix to the airport manager. Turns out it was he and his two sons flying the aircraft. He was impressed with the pix.