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December 22, 2006

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Well at least I wasn't screaming, like most babies do on Santa's lap. This is from Christmas 1966, I had just turned 2. This was taken at a Sears Roebuck store. Christmas 1967, taken at Edaville Railroad, in South Carver, Massachusetts.
I like to call this "Little JoJo Crankypants". I could NEVER sleep on Christmas Eve; probably 3 hours at best. So here I am, overtired, crying about something, and dad just had to make it a "Kodak Moment."
And there she goes, down into the sled, sucking her thumb, holding her new Thumbalina doll by the head, with the crayons spilled everywhere.
Christmas 1973. I loved that outfit; it was a cobalt blue velour vest and pants set, with a white blouse. I called it my "Partridge Family" outfit; I really wanted the blouse to be all ruffly up the front like the Partridges' but mom thought it'd be too over the top. Note the "magic 8-ball".
Merry Krissmiss to all and to all a goodnight!!!


  1. Ah, what a sweetie (even sulking). Aren't you glad now dad used his camera?

    Happy Chrimble.

  2. Wonderful to see little Jojo....I had a magic 8 ball too!!

    Merry Christmas :)

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Aaaah very sweet - Merry Christmas Jojo!

  4. Thanks for sharing with us Jojo :)

    I still have trouble sleeping in he run up to Christmas,which is why I'm on here at 5.50am,having spent an hour wrapping presents!

    Eliza xxxxx