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November 26, 2006

From torrential rains to snow

The wettest November on record continues, this time with some snow. It's not a lot, but any snow in the Puget Sound area is newsworthy. We usually get at least a couple of inches each year. But once 4" - 6" falls, the entire region shuts down because we are not equipped to handle it like they are in the mountains and in Eastern Washington.
It's still snowing up north in the Bellingham area (about 30 miles south of the Canadian border) but it's just warm enough here to start raining. When we bought the house in June, 1999, we were in love with the big horseshoe driveway. Now it's more like, "what were we thinking?" We've had snow and ice so bad that we've had to put kitty litter down to get enough traction to drive to the top, after getting a running start down the street. And storm cleanup is no picnic either when you have to use a snow shovel to get the thick, slippery coat of pine needles removed. You get quite a bit of exercise trying to clean up this driveway, let me tell ya!!
I expect the snow to be gone by early afternoon. But it's fun to see when it happens!!


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Looks lovely, which of course, it is - as long as you can look at from the window and have no need to venture out ;0)

  2. Looks great from here,jojo :)

    Eliza xxxxx

  3. ah, the price you have to pay for something so beautiful and so special... it looks like magic.

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  4.'s so pretty! Sometimes I wish I didn't live in Florida...and then I go to the beach! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a nice weekend...and did I read right?! Happy Birthday?! If so, a lovely one to you!:)

  5. Oh, cruel, Gorenlust!

    It's been an unseasonal 14 degrees here today. In the good old days we often had a big freeze in early November.