Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

September 27, 2006

What is wrong with this picture?

It's the Pacific Northwest.....

It's September 27......

It's 82 degrees.

Anytime Ma Nature wants to kick in with the cold rain would be good! Until then, I hunker down in my centrally cooled home wearing flannel jammies and dream of last winter, one of the wettest on record.


  1. is that unseasonable weather in your parts? Sounds wonderful to me.

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  2. Ann knows very well that we too are having an unseasonably warm time of it, so don't feel too guilty about your good luck!

  3. Anonymous3:42 PM

    The planet is a living thing; perhaps it's in a bit of a mood?!

  4. val... then why am I always so cold? ... except for the odd hot flush and when I go to bed dreaming *** dreams

  5. Ann, you are not the fellow-sufferer I took you for. I'm still in vest-tops.

    JoJo, I've set my mind to the email address thing and I think you might be getting mine if you opted to receive comments at your email. If not, you can click on my profile at my blog and then click on email there. I'll leave it on for a few days before taking it down "in case".

  6. well jojo, it has been in the 60s here in middle georgia! been warming up in the daytime, but still an early fall! not complaining at all.