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September 23, 2006

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

World renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, calls Puget Sound his home. Lucky for us!! Tacoma is in the process of revitalizing their downtown core with trendy restaurants and shops. The Bridge of Glass and Glass Museum were among the first new things to be built, in the past 5 years. The cone shaped building is the museum's hot shop, where advanced glass artists perform their art and where the public can watch. The two towers with the "blue bags" are on each side of the Bridge of Glass.
These next photos (above and below) are of art glass on the eastern side of the bridge, where the morning and early afternoon sun lights up the pieces. They are behind bullet proof glass and are highly alarmed.

These last three, below, are of the ceiling of the bridge. It's supposed to give the illusion of being underwater with all these colourful, exotic sea creatures floating above you. The wavy glass is a Chihuly signature, and once you see one, you can spot them anywhere. By the way, a Chihuly glass piece runs from the very high hundreds into the high thousands of dollars. Needless to say, living in earthquake country, I would never invest the money to own one. But they sure are pretty.


  1. I must say that is spectacular...

  2. But are you saying that this GLASS museum in also in earthquake country? It's goreous but could be a tad ephemeral if that's the case!