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August 29, 2006

Photos on EDO's blog

Just wanted to let my fellow VDO blogging buddies that they should head over to Elizabeth D'Onofrio's "photo album", at for some great candids she shot while visiting the LOCI set. I will, of course, not post any of her photos here. But there is one photograph in particular, taken in Vincent's apartment which caused me to giggle a little bit.....Vincent's not in it, but in the background, you can see his toilet paper roll in the bathroom. Elizabeth even makes a comment on her blog about wishing it wasn't in the picture. Nothing like bringing a person back to reality when you realize that your idol wipes his ass just like the rest of us!! Elizabeth's son, Hawk, just got hired on to LOCI, I think somewhere in the production department, so that is cool as well!

1 comment:

  1. 'The Bathroom photo' is great.....Diane and I were fixated on the towel :)

    Elizabeth is a wonderful woman, so generous of her to share her personal photos, especially since she has had to put up with trolls from time to time