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August 15, 2006


My boss has left for his annual trip to see his family in Detroit so my schedule has eased up slightly. Don't get me wrong, I love both of my bosses, but the days before he leaves can get pretty frenetic. He seems to think I'll be sitting around playing computer solitaire while he's gone so he's left me with about a million projects to do before he gets back. Well he's wrong about the solitaire. I'll be blogging instead. lol Thanks to the VDO Vault for these pictures.


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Haha, one of my coworkers and I discovered the other day that there are two games on the handheld computers we use to check item stock and process orders and such. One is solitaire, which my coworker promptly played about 40 seconds of (while the rest of the world was out on their 4th cigarette break of the day) and I checked out this game I had never heard of for literally 8 seconds, just so I could see what it was... We didn't really get caught, per se, one woman walked in and went, "What are you doing?" and I just looked at her and said, "Attempting to figure out what the heck [insert game name] is.... Ah, it's a version of Tetris. Interesting. Okay, now that I know I clicked on the wrong folder, it's time for the three of us to get back to work, no?" I promptly returned to checking in items.

    I am so slick. :D

  2. i have 3 reasons i LOVE working at home. 1...saves gas, i only have to fill up about once every month and a half! to help Megan out and bosses are in Ft Scott,KS! i know i will never have to see them!...where might you ask is ft scott? well it is about 1 and a half from KS city, and just for fun, go to and check out the home can actually get a house for 25,000.00 there!....guess NOBODY wants to move there!

  3. I work from home today, but still don't get time to blog much... but when I'm in my office I work, work, work... no personal stuff at all... don't even check my email... enjoy the well deserved respite.

  4. Happy vacation from the Boss!!

  5. jojo....where is our LOCI? usa is messing with us!

  6. Oh, wow, JoJo, they are GORGEOUS!!!

    I'm with you - blogging and surfing are far more fun than solitaire - haven't played it for months on end.