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July 16, 2006


Last night hubby and I were watching a Grateful Dead DVD from Shoreline Amphitheatre in California, from June, 1990. He and I were at that show, and we had 8th row seats that night.

Anyway, during one of the close up shots of Bob Weir singing, Brian says, "Vincent! Bobby looks like 'Bobby'!" After he pointed it out, I could see a slight resemblance when Vincent was very young, or perhaps in this photo from "The Cell". Does anyone else see it?


  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Yes, think there is some resemblence but Vincent is definitely more handsome.

  2. The cleft chin is all wrong - don't like them, therefore cannot see Vincent in him, as there's nothing about Vincent I don't like.

  3. erm.... sorry jojo, I just don't see it