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January 16, 2007


I got these adorable pics in an email today from Liz and couldn't stop myself from squealing at all of the adorable passel-o-panda pictures. Look at all the silly little bears!! Now this is a day care I can get behind!!


So here we are, Snow Day Part 67. OK, I exaggerate, but once again, we are having snow and freezing rain, so the highways are a mess. My boss told me to stay home for a few hours. It's now nearly 9 a.m. and I can't decide if I should risk it or just stay home, yet again, today. Yawn. This is getting so old!! I don't mind having a day off or two, but I've had so many weather-related days off since November. Well, I guess I'll attempt to make it in to work today. If for no other reason than to get my paycheck!!


  1. The WWF did 3 programmes on extinction that included some footage of the lickle pandas, but I couldn't watch 'cos it made me too sad. I phoned in, though, and voted for all six species featured, 'cos the phone call gave them money to allocate to protecting the creatures. The tiger was the winner and gets 50% of the money raised, the rest share the other 50% between them.

    The panda babies are just adorable and I would LOVE the job of looking after them.

  2. aww, i've seen these pics, they are sooo cute. but i almost wondered if they were real or not.

  3. Fezzi - I wondered the exact same thing; you don't usually see a roomful of baby pandas.

  4. OMG! Too cute! I saw and photographed the baby at the National Zoo last summer. It was his 1st birthday. I watched a video of his birth and he shot outa his mama like a watermelon seed! I love pandas.

  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Room full of pandas... It's in China, what do you expect? You might not see it here, but chances are, there's a panda day-care or two over there.

  6. sweet little innocent things. i'd love to sit with them.

  7. I remember seeing these pics in a newspaper over here,and had to look twice to convince myself they were real :-)

    They do look adorable,and anything that helps keep them on the planet has to be worthwhile.

    Thank you

    Eliza xxxxx

  8. Isn't it a pity, though, Anonymous, that such a thing is necessary, and they can't just be left to thrive in the wild?

  9. Anonymous7:20 PM

    That it is Val, that it is.