Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

September 14, 2018

On to Ohio

This is a Mail Pouch barn that has too much growth to read more than the CH, unfortunately.  It was still worth tracking down, esp. with Mister Ed's directly across the street.

All I can think of is how many artifacts must be buried out there in those rolling hills and fields.  

We still needed to get some miles behind us after sightseeing all day so we continued north and west on Rte. 30, which took us over some winding mountain roads with steep climbs and downhills.

The fog was pretty cool.

The turnpike was our goal.

It was about an hour's drive and finally we were back on the highway headed west.

The clouds got darker and darker and then all hell broke loose.

This doesn't really show just how bad it was raining.  Lots of people were pulled over to wait out the downpour but we kept rolling, slow and steady, with headlights and flashers at about 40 mph. I was so glad to be in a heavy truck.

Eventually we drove out of it.  

We pulled off in Somerset to grab a hotel and some dinner.  The woman at the toll booth recommended the Summit Diner.  This was the side facing the parking lot.

Another awesome slice of Americana that I love so much.  There's nothing like a diner.

Loved this old sled out front.

Next morning, we were off.  Accidentally missed the exit for I-70 and I realized it as we were almost in Pittsburgh.  That required 20 miles of backtracking which was a drag.

The blue bridge in Belle Vernon, where we spent 10 hours in May having the truck repaired. 

Monongahela River.

Just a sliver of WV between PA and OH.


Really flat and really treeless.

The kids desperately want us to move out there and if it wasn't landlocked, we would consider it.  But honestly I can't see us living in Ohio.  There is nothing to do and the terrain is too barren for me!  We keep hoping that they'll move back here.


  1. I agree, you live in a delightful part of the world and if I were you, I certainly wouldn't want to move.

    1. It would be very hard to leave the coast.