Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

August 12, 2017


No trip would be complete without a walk downtown to the water.

That's just way too crowded for me.

I went inside Stash's pizza with the hope of getting a slice but they screwed up the pizza that was in the oven and had to start over.  It was taking waaayyyy too long so I left, but not without shooting this cool view out the window.

The Hippie Shop was finally open so I went in, of course.  Got a few postcards and a fridge magnet.

Next time I go in I'll have to see if this one is for sale.

August 10, 2017

Onset 2017

My energy level is still flagging but I couldn't pass up a rare nice summer day so I went to Onset, which is really close by.  

I wanted to try out 2 pictures from the same place with the new lens and without. So this is the view with my normal lens, zoomed all the way out.

And with the wide angle.

There was such a nice breeze too.  It was so peaceful.


Very pearly shell.

First signs of fall

Run bun, run!

This is the On-I-Set Wigwam which is a spiritualist camp.  You can read about them HERE.  I would love to go inside was closed and it's surrounded by a chain link fence and a locked gate.  I was shooting through the fence.

I absolutely love the clapboards.

August 8, 2017

Mucking About with the New Lens

I can live without the black borders but the effect is kind of cool, too.  Like a fish eye lens.

Sunken gardens

I shot this one from the same vantage point that I shot the library picture in the other post and this definitely shows more of the room, like the bookcase on the far left side.

August 6, 2017

Inside Highfield Hall, Part 2

Continuing with our fiber arts tour we have more amazing quilts!

Here is the pattern for one of them.

And the finished product.  I wish my pictures showed the 3D.

This has about 4 or 5 quilted layers.

Another pretty pinwheel.

Hope you enjoyed this extended tour of Highfield Hall!