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June 16, 2018

Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford

I read that the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford had recently acquired a 2 toe sloth and made a mental note to check it out.  We drove down one Sunday morning and it wasn't too crowded at all.  The zoo is really small and easily seen in an hour or two.  

Loved this train that goes all the way around the whole zoo which is a good ride.  

We started in the rainforest exhibit.  Lots of colourful fish.


I loved these jellyfish!!  They were soooo pretty!

Unfortunately Bernardo the sloth was waaayyyyy at the top of his habitat and didn't come down at all.  I went back into the exhibit before we left and he was still up there.

The birds and monkeys were also hiding for the most part.

There are a couple of seals.

Mountain lion/cougar


They have 'Buttonwood Farm' that has some cattle and horses.  Didn't see the pig though.

There's one buffalo

I fell in love with Ellie, an adorable possum.

One elephant.

The otters were adorable too.

Another shot of Ellie.

This is a cute little zoo to check out.  We ate at the food court style restaurant which I thought was great.  He had a pulled pork sandwich that he thought was a bit dry but my burger was awesome.  I don't think that I'll go back to see the sloth though.  It never occurred to me that he wouldn't be right there, visible for the public.  Poor thing would probably rather be back in the rainforest!  Same thing with the black bears; they were also hiding in the rocks of their habitat.  Buttonwood Park Zoo is worth stopping at if you find yourself in New Bedford.

June 14, 2018

More Sandwich Glassing

We're rapidly marching towards summer with the first 6 months of the year just about gone.  We're dog sitting Shadow every week for 2 days which we love.  She's such a goofy little diva.

 Sagan's still not digging our house guest much, but they've made somewhat of a truce.

More visits from the local bun.

One late Sunday afternoon we headed over to Pocasset to see if it would be worth trying to dig for quahogs but it was way too cold.

Took a drive into Sandwich a few times and veered off so I could get some pics.

We had a super low tide a week or so ago, and Russell took me 'Sandwich glassing' in the exposed marshes.  The mud was way too sticky and deep to venture very far and I wasn't prepared with extra footwear or towels in the car, so just had to stick to the part closest to land.

If I had waders or shoes I didn't care about, I would love to go out in that and see if there's any glass.

I had some great finds though.

The amber, yellow and white/red are the best.

This isn't Sandwich glass but I liked them so I snagged them.  The green bottle bottom is Canada Dry gingerale but I don't know how old it is.  I haven't seen pop in glass bottles in many years.  The white thing is some kind of old fashioned wire insulator.

Teal, green and black.

Another day we swung down to the marina and canal.  

June 12, 2018

Day Trip to Mohegan Sun

We treated my MIL to a trip down to Connecticut so the Mohegan Sun Casino.  I'd been wanting to see it too and check out the buffet.  It's about a 2 hour ride from our house to Uncasville.  CT was one of the first states to allow Native Americans to have casinos on their reservations.

 That's the hotel.

I was surprised I didn't get in trouble for taking pictures inside because you aren't allowed to take pics in casinos.  However, I only shot pics outside of the gaming area and no one bugged me.  I know that the floor is under constant surveillance and I'm glad they cut me a break, esp. since I didn't once attempt a pic of the slot machines, which was hard to do because they are so sparkly and colourful.

 Northeast native themed art throughout the building.  It's beautiful. 

Shells and beach glass embedded into the floors.

Cool light fixtures at Seasons Buffet.  The food was amazing and there was a huge selection.  I only had the tiniest portions of things cause there was so much to try! 

This was prettier in person.  This hanging in the Swarovski crystal store and was very colourful.

 Full disclosure:  What I really wanted to see at Mohegan was this incredible Chihuly sculpture. 

I couldn't get enough of this.  

Also waterfalls.  This is in the two story shopping mall part.  The stores are just a bit too spendy for me!

Another cool ceiling

Waterfall behind one of the bars.

Alas, Lady Luck didn't smile upon us, but we had a great time playing the slots and chowing down at the buffet, and making memories!