Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

September 2, 2014

Salem Waterfront

I just love all the unique buildings!

And whimsical art

We headed away from the shopping part and over towards the wharf.

Customs House.

Derby Wharf

This is the Friendship of Salem.  It's free to go on board.

 That huge tiller must've been hard to handle in high seas!

Derby Wharf Light Station.

Moriah loving life!

August 31, 2014

Figures and Figureheads

She seemed a little wooden.  ;-)

Looks like he's been there awhile!

Cute dinosaur!

I've seen a few cities doing these painted figures....Vancouver had bears in 2006 and Victoria had orca whales in 04 or 05.  Here, I've seen painted sperm whales.  Salem has figureheads and they were beautifully done.

This one was my fave.  The gold thread and sequins work was incredible.

Scarlet letter! This must be Hester Prynne.

August 29, 2014

Salem, MA: Witch City

So Salem is cool.  WICKED cool.  I will so totally be going back up there again!!!  I'd like to go in the fall for sure.  I shot quite a few pics so this will take a couple/three posts.  It's amazing!!!

Moriah & Bruce were visiting family in New Brunswick in mid-August and they decided to take a quick side trip into New England (and they made the most of that visit too, I might add...she's now seen more of parts of NH and Maine than I have!).  Moriah & I have been friends since about 2008, from Facebook, and she used to live in Victoria, BC.  We got together for dinner once in Tacoma in 2009, and for dinner & Ghostly Walks in Victoria in 2010.  The year I moved back, her husband was transferred to Ottawa.  We decided to meet in Salem, which was roughly half way from where I live and where she was staying in NH.

First, I had to endure the morning rush hour slog through South Boston which really sucked.  Good thing I left at 7:45 to be there by 10!!

After the split for the airport, traffic opened up in the tunnel and on the Zakim Bridge. 

I got up there pretty quickly after the traffic lightened up, found the parking garage and visitor center where we were meeting.  I had about 10 minutes to spare so I took a quick walk around the block.

Inside the visitor center

Very cute historical vignettes and displays set up.

Funky art on the parking garage.

Love the architecture.  More brick here than in most of the other places I've visited.

America's version of Ollivander's.

We just didn't have time to stop in this time.  I will definitely go next time though.

A lot of places were closed the day we went, which was on a Monday.  There was a locked gate to this alley, so I couldn't get better angles of this mural.

There were quite a few role players roaming the streets! 

Bruce & Moriah!  How cute!