Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

August 27, 2014


My dear friend JoLisa was in town with her hubby and son for a wedding, so we were able to get together one Sunday for a trip up to Scituate.  That town's name is pronounced 'Situate'.  She & I had never met in person before, having been Facebook friends since April, 2009, probably because of playing Hatchlings. Over time we've gotten to be really close from chatting all the time.  It was to the point where I forgot that I never met her in real life before!  

I picked her up at her hotel in Plymouth and we headed up.  Here's a map to show where it is on the coast. All I can say is, thank god she had a smart phone that was able to give me audible turn by turn directions because I never would have found it!!!

The first place we went was to the lighthouse.

We walked out on this breakwater all the way to the end.  

Busy day out on the Bay! It was sooooo nice out.


Cool ship leaving the harbour.

Then in full sail!

Down at the end of the jetty.  

Anchors Aweigh!

I loved the glass bits embedded in the sidewalk.

What a great bead shop this is!!!!!!  I was fairly good....kept it under $35.

We went inside an antique shop and were delighted with the decorated ceiling tiles.

The proprietor said she passed out the tiles to local kids to decorate and return.  What an awesome idea!!!!

I like this old sign.  Pilgrim Highway is Rte. 3.

On the way back, I asked if she had a chance to see the Monument to the Forefathers, since she was in Plymouth almost every day.  She was surprised to hear about it because no one had told them it was there.  I chuckled because that seemed to be the case, despite it being in this location since the late 1800s.  So I took her to see it.

By the way, if you ever find yourself in Scituate, you must stop by for a slice or two at Harbor House of Pizza.  It was absolutely mouth watering delicious.  It's probably a good thing it's so far away or I'd be eating there every night!!!!!   A big THANK YOU to JoLisa for treating me to lunch there and for hanging out with me! 

August 26, 2014

More Late Summah Fun!

I was so pleased to get a chance to pal around with Casi when she & Jeff were visiting.  One night she & I went to Seafood Sam's, at the Sandwich Marina, for dinner.  After you place your order at the counter, they give you a plastic lobster which lights up and buzzes when your order is ready for pickup.  Although the cashier warned us that people are often really startled by it, I jumped a mile and yelled, 'GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!' when ours buzzed so loud it was moving across the table.  Needless to say the people around us got a chuckle out of that....

After dinner we walked out on a dock and along that part of the Canal a little bit.  It was so nice out.

On the way to take her back, we stopped at Shawme Pond for a quick pic or two.  This was where I wanted to get married but the town gave me a hard time, which was why we went to Upper Shawme Pond instead (which is on the other side of the trees at the far end of this picture).

The day before they left, they came over for lunch, then Jeff went to the movies with a friend, so Casi & I palled around town for a bit.

The tide was low enough to expose a small bit of land on the rip rap, so we climbed down.  I found a piece of red taillight glass in the rocks.  

Casi was having a great time watching all the baby crabs scurrying around and under the rocks. 

"Put. Me. Down.  NOW!"

Then we stopped into the National Marine Wildlife Center real quick.

Russell got home around the same time Jeff came to pick up Casi.  See you kids soon, I hope!

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see pictures of my husband and his children.

By the end of August, we could definitely feel and see fall in the air.  The sun is setting earlier and we had some pretty cotton candy/Maxfield Parrish clouds one night too.

Finally, I saw this in Canal Creamery Ice Cream.  Thought it was adorable.

August 25, 2014

Busy Summer!

Due to the fantastic weather up here this summer, just for a change, and our wedding, I've now gotten WAY behind on my day trip & life-in-general posts.  A lot of people have been complaining about how cool it's been but I've been absolutely delighted with the temperature.  Oddly, the Pacific Northwest has been pretty much frying off and on all summer with terrible fires in Eastern WA, OR and in Idaho.  Even the rainy days have been sporadic and only a couple of thunderstorms, which is good because I don't like them and my dogs like them even less.

It was a bit stormy this late afternoon though, with tons of hail that fell in some towns on the Cape but not at our house.

Blackberries that are slowly ripening in the back yard.  After I took this pic I picked and ate the ripe ones!

Another Supermoon in August.

Made a quick trip to Butterflies of Cape Cod one morning.

Cercropia moth caterpillar getting BIG!

The day I went into Sandwich to get my hair cut and coloured, I had a chance to walk around a little bit near the salon, Classy Cuts.  These dog statues are near a vet's office.  So cute with their hat and snorkel!

Outside the wine shop.  I took it because of the Beringer bottle, having been there a few times in CA.

I met my cousin Diane for lunch one day and then we went for a cone at Twin Acres.  I never noticed their weathervane before! 

In addition, several other friends visited in August!  When Mary got to town, a group of us went to lunch at Bobby Byrnes one Saturday, although I only took this pic of Russell & his 'little sister'. (she was standing on a chair).

Plus I got to take two more items off the local bucket list when I visited Scituate when JoLisa was here from South Dakota, and Salem with Moriah & Bruce who were visiting from Canada! Although those day trips occurred a couple of weeks ago, I will be posting the pics over the next few days. August...and the whole summer....just flew by!