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October 8, 2013

Lower Cape, Part 2

This adorable and friendly little doggie came over to say Hi at Wellfleet Harbor.

Wellfleet Harbor

Then we went to the Eastham Windmill.

We had a delicious lunch at Guapo's Tortilla Shack in Orleans, then stopped at the Fort Hill Trail in Eastham on the way back to her house.

Coast Guard Station at the National Seashore.  Back in the 70s, every 5th grade class went there to spend the night.  We had to hike the trails and take notes on what we saw, we were out on the beach at night for a quick lesson on the stars, and the following day we were taken to the Marconi Wireless site and had to hike around there.   While my description sounds like it was fun, I did not have one bit of fun on it.  It was miserable and I was so homesick and hated being there.  Other than spending a few nights away from home at my aunt's or grandmother's, I'd never been away before, and this was with my classmates!!!  But not going was not an option.  

This is a wooden whale jawbone, thankfully.  It's at the Captain Penniman House.


  1. Beautiful photos as always JoJo. Love the windmill and the fact they use an old grist stone for the step.

    Oh, and scrolling down, I was totally taken by surprise at that lobster fisherman! Never expected that he was on a roof. Ha!

  2. Great angles on those windmill blades! I also love door and window pictures so those are favorites as well. That field trip sounds right up my alley...but I don't understand forcing kids to go. Surely the teachers could design an alternative activity...but maybe they were like your math teachers...everybody conform!
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. I think the only way a child could get out of going is if the parents were dead set against it and refused to sign the permission slip. But truthfully, I don't remember anyone not going. There were also no doors on the stalls in the bathrooms and there was no way I was using a bathroom w/o doors so I literally held it for the 24+ hours we were there. I was only 9 when I went on this trip. :(

  3. LOVE the birdie... and I WANT that doggie. :)

  4. Ooo, that windmill-in-the-sun shot is fantastic! (A little creepy, as well, since we've been talking about creepy so much) I love that dog. Seriously? Adorable. And so is the lobster fisherman on the roof. That is awesome!

    Sorry about the school trip. I have memories of trips like that - but at least we had bathroom doors!!!!

  5. You did a great photo study of that windmill, JoJo. I think you're liking this new camera. Thanks for sharing. That windmill reminded me of an old one in Montmartre, Le Moulin de la Galette.

  6. Your new camera rocks, JoJo. These pictures are crystal clear. I love the one of the fisherman on the roof with the lobster (lobstah), that is priceless!

  7. Beautiful shots. I have to agree with Elsie, that new camera of yours rocks! ♥ Love seeing all your pictures.