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October 7, 2013

Lower Cape, Part 1

You'd think that P-Town would be considered the Upper Cape and Bourne the Lower Cape, but it's exactly the opposite.  One gorgeous day near the end of September, I headed up to my friend Susan's in N. Eastham and we went out exploring & shooting pics in Eastham, Wellfleet & Truro.

We started at Nauset Light, near her house. 

This is all a part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  This is Lighthouse Beach.

Then we drove back up the road to check out the abandoned Three Sisters Lighthouses, which were operational till the late 80s when they were moved from the eroding cliffs, back to this clearing in the woods. 

This was really cool to see but they are kind of creepy.  I got 'that feeling' when we were there. 

Then we drove to Truro to see Cape Cod Light, aka Highland Light.

For $4, you can climb up to the top.  It's not an easy climb at all and there is no way a tall person could do it.  The steps are in a spiral staircase but it's extremely steep and narrow and the last bit of the climb is up a ladder and through a small hole with no headroom.  I even had to be careful I didn't smack my head on ceiling.

But the view was sooooo worth the climb.

That's the power plant in Sandwich!

And Pilgrim Monument in P-Town

I thought those 2 sandtraps looked like big footprints.

There was a little museum down below.

In the gift shop and no I didn't buy any!


  1. Oh very cool JoJo! I can almost feel the salty sea air on my face as I enjoy your wonderful photos! Lobster Poop??? Yikes

    Oh and why is it that I hear the theme from Jaws every time I see your coastal pics? So reminds me of Amity....

  2. I LOVE the photos of the lighthouses! I miss the beach! I am always confused when people say "Cape Cod area". Is is always Massachusetts? I had to look this area up on the map to see exactly where this is....ah - that part that sticks out from Massachusetts!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Loved seeing the photos and the lobster poop. Don't think I would have bought that either! LOL

  4. Is it just me or do a lot of people find a lot of stuff in your area creepy? Maybe it's too many horror movies made in the area. Or the history. Or the fact Stephen King isn't too-too far away. But old and/or abandoned lighthouses are trés creepy! Fortunately your photos are anything but. Beautiful, Jo!

  5. Once again, lovely photos. When I build my next house, it's going to be just like the Three Sisters lighthouse. Just so you know. :)

  6. Great series of photos JoJo; makes me want to visit that coast even more! The lighthouses are especially interesting; I'm both attracted to them and repelled. Your description of going inside makes me claustrophobic !

  7. I've always loved lighthouses, growing up near the Chesapeake Bay. There's something awesome about that fence...don't quite know why, but I really like it.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. Thanks everyone!

  9. Great pics! Not sure why one is considered lower cape, while the other is upper cape? But it explains why I have been confused my whole life and always thought people lived in the opposite location! I'd think, "I musta heard them wrong, I thought..."

    You have solved a lifelong puzzle!