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October 5, 2013

King Richard's Faire 2013

This is our third year at the local ren fest, King Richard's Faire, so I am going to just post the high lights from my pics since I've already posted so many pics the last 2 years.  

Little skit before the doors open.

The costumes ranged from cool but weird, to medieval, to pirates to lord only knows what.  We saw some guys in elaborate samurai costumes, and another person wrapped in tin foil around his chest, arms and legs.

We shopped and ate and laughed and walked around. We also got our annual dragon figurine.  I could spend a small fortune at this many cool things!  Walking sticks, jewelry, costumes, crystals/stones, glasswear, mugs, goblets, metalwork, knives, swords....

Om nom nom nom

Father & son try their hand at axe throwing.  

Erm......put the axe down and slooowly back away....

Quigley down under?

This guy was really funny....we got there about halfway through his act.  He was a fire eater among other things.  

If I had a reason to get one of these capes I would but I just don't.  


Taking a break

The offspring are getting way too much enjoyment out of this.

These are called hobbit houses and they are sooooo cute! Really tiny inside.


  1. I like that last photo JoJo, Old Man tree. Thanks for showing your pix, I used to like going to some of the 'faires' when I lived on the east coast. Some people just like to dress up. (latent theatrical types, I guess). Well Halloween is coming for that Pumpkin guy.

  2. Boots & Boobs ... hmmm... I wonder if there was any manly guy in your life (perhaps the one holding the ginormous poultry) that enjoyed that stop!!! LOVED the fish costume. That's just awesome.

  3. Hobbit Houses!!! Brilliant! I would LOVE one of those in my backyard!

    I would sure love to attend one of these Faires; I don't think we have anything like that up here. Looks like a ton of fun.

  4. Awesome pictures. Looks like you had an amazing time. I would have loved to explore all the faire had to offer. Thank you for taking me along with your pictures! ♥

  5. looks hardcore Medieval that...

  6. Ah, tis wondrous sites that doth fill thine eyes with thou fairest of photos. I thanketh thee for such magic. The photos remindeth me of my neighbourhood in jolly olde England.

    Gary :)

  7. He looks happily delirious with that axe. I'm glad he put it down. (I'm assuming he did.) I wonder if this is basically the same thing as the Renaissance Faire that makes its rounds. It looks similar, at least. Lots of fun.


  8. Seems like a fun event, Jojo! I do like that kings and fairies theme :) I bet I would also not know what to do with such mantle... :) It would suit Voldemort though.

  9. That looks like a fab day out - I now have renaissance faire envy LOL!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe