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October 3, 2013

My Little Town, Part 2

Sandwich really is a pretty town and the historic, downtown core remains largely unchanged.  The town was founded in 1637 and established in 1639.

The duck pond, aka Shawme Pond

Herring run which goes under the road and alongside the Grist Mill, from the pond.

This old church used to be a doll museum.  I used to like going there.  It was dusty, musty, creaky, cobwebby and run down.  The museum closed in the early 90s and a private party purchased the building.  I thought it was a bed and breakfast but the sign out front said it's a private residence.

Town Hall Annex

Sandwich Public Library

A better shot of the old doll museum.

Then I drove over to Boardwalk.

The town worked really hard to repair and reopen it for the spring and summer season.  It was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and the Feb. blizzard.

Bird houses in the salt marshes.


  1. I have to agree that Sandwich is a pretty little town! I love the bird houses in the marsh. About the church...I've seen a few old churches converted into houses and maybe it's just me but I think that it would be weird to live in one.

  2. The first photo is gorgeous as they all are. You ate so lucky to live there.

  3. Picturesque. The sort of place a painter (of the fine arts) loves to find. Thanks for the photo tour, JoJo. I like the boardwalk closeup and the closeup of the marsh birdhouses.

  4. What a lovely place and you have a talent for capturing magnificent photos. The shot of the bird houses on the salt marsh is mesmerizing, very unique, very artistic.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    What a great place!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. Love the pictures with the reflections in the water. Breath taking!!! ♥

  7. What a beautiful place... I'm jealous that you get to wander around with your camera – I'm missing my car and my freedom. How cool is it that you live in a place named after Dave's favourite lunch?

  8. Great photos JoJo - looks like you are having fun with your new camera! Your shots are stunning. Of course it helps to have a wonderful place to shoot ;)