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October 12, 2013

Catching Up On Crafts

Here's another Pinterest craft I decided to try.  Just a jar slathered in Mod Podge with Epsom salts dumped over it.  First I tried the stripe of clear glass but I didn't like how it turned out or how the candle looked in it.

I covered the glass w/ more Mod Podge and filled them in with the salts, but you can really tell it was once striped.   After the glue was dry I sprayed a clear coat of sealant on it because the salts brush off really easily.

It looks pretty and frosty with the candle.  

Here are 2 of the small cross stitches that I knocked off in a couple of afternoons.

I'm also making stuff for the craft shows so I made a ton of glitter magnets and some wine cork ornaments.

This was a craft kit of the month:  Gluing tiles on a box and then applying grout, then glitter on the top edge.  It's supposed to hold a candle but I'm using it to hold misc. flotsam and jetsam from my craft table.

We went to an estate sale recently and I got a bunch of craft supplies real cheap, including a box of multicoloured pompoms.  So I made a little guy.  But he's missing something, I think.....

Ah that's better!!!!  The antennae make all the difference! Isn't he cute?

I lost quite a bit of crafting time in early October for various reasons, so it's nose to the grindstone now!


  1. Oh I like those wine cork ornaments! Especially the peace sign one. So you're doing a booth at a craft fair? Totally cool.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Yes, I'm doing one on 11/9 which was supposed to be at the Sandwich Legion Hall but was moved to the Bourne VFW (which is way more convenient for me). I also got the last open spot at the Upper Cape Tech School fair, on 11/23 & 24. I hear that one gets thousands of people and is one of the biggest one around. My bff Marsha thinks I'll have no problem unloading my crafts. That's why I've stepped up my production this fall.

  2. Good luck at your up and coming craft shows!!

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Mr Multicolor Pompom is wonderful, with and without his headwear! :0)

  4. I bet that "frosted" candle jar looks amazing in the evening - it's hard to capture the beauty of candlelight and sparkles in a photo. :)

    I love your cross stitch work - the little snowman is adorable.

  5. Ohh the frosted glass looks very "cool" if you don't mind the pun ;)...

    Good luck with the craft show!