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July 4, 2013

Confetti Bowl

Found another project on Pinterest I wanted to try since I still have balloons left from other crafts.  I found the instructions HERE on how to make a confetti bowl.  I saved the link to my bookmarks, intending to try it at some point.  As time went by, I couldn't really remember what the picture looked like....all I remembered was that I needed to buy confetti. This caught my eye in the grocery store.  Cool! Sparkly confetti!  

I got all my supplies ready and went to look up the link for the instructions.  

When I saw this picture, I realized I totally bought the wrong kind and that the shiny mylar could be very difficult to work with, as opposed to paper dots. 

I started off by promptly spilling it on the counter, and this stuff is as bad as glitter.  As the project moved forward over the course of 2 days, I started noticing bits of shiny confetti all over the house.  

Here's the first of many coats. I kept adding to it all afternoon.  I also discovered that a paint brush worked better for spreading the Mod Podge than the sponge did.

After about 4 coats of confetti, I slathered Mod Podge all over it and waited for it to dry.  After it was dry, I was able to point it towards a light source and look through the back end of the balloon to see where the holes were, so that I could add confetti where needed.  After that was done & dry, it got a final coat of Mod Podge.

 Here's the completed bowl.  I trimmed around the top edge to make it more even.  Some of the pieces just refused to lay flat so there's a texture to it.

Looking down at the inside.  You can see that the shine returns once the Mod Podge dries. 

I'm happy with it.  I'd call it a Pin Win.


  1. Looks great JoJo! I like yours better than the sample one! Are you going to use it to display something? Very cool.

  2. LOVE IT!! You need to start your own Pinterest boards instead of bookmarking, makes finding stuff much easier!

  3. Following the event sin your post, I imagined your bowl would look different, as you said the original one uses paper confetti...
    But yours turned out nicely and glittery! Love it :) A great project for New Year, as to keep some sweet sin this bowl. Agree, you shall start you Pinterest, and pin there all your hand made projects.

  4. cool stuff JoJo - don't forget to email me your guess post when it's ready to go -


  5. YOU don't have Pinterest Boards?? It is certainly addictive! I like your bowl, but it looks like a lot of work.

  6. I do have pinterest boards, but it's actually easier for me to find stuff in my bookmarks. David, I will!

  7. that looks really cool!

  8. Looks really cool! Nice patience, AGAIN, could never stay with a project like you do. Kudos.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. Now this is cool!!


  10. Improvising can often lead us to wonderful discoveries. I too like the the sparkling effect that the glittery confetti gives your bowl . . . and texture makes the piece artsy. :)

    Though I adore the look that glitter gives to things - in particular Greeting Cards - I do detest the fact that it seems to spread itself all over the house. I am still vacuuming up glitter from Christmas ornaments and cards. Wonder if they'll ever invent a glitter that stays put and doesn't fall off ?