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July 6, 2013

Wareham: Gateway to Cape Cod

My doctor has ordered me out in the sun for 15 minutes a day, due to my painfully low Vitamin D levels.  I found myself in downtown Wareham in mid-June for a dentist appointment so I walked around taking pics.  There's another section of town that has an actual sign that says, 'Gateway to Cape Cod' but it's not in an area conducive to pulling over to take photos.

Apparently the tower is in two different time zones!  Neither of which was the right time.

 I found these two train-squished pennies alongside the tracks.  I used to do this too when I was a kid.

Pretty small Main Street.

Uh-oh....20 minutes till my dentist appointment! I better get headed back to the office!!!

In the dentist's parking lot.


  1. Wow, the photos are wonderful JoJo. You have an amazing eye for finding things that have visual interest and artistry. Love the weathered old door, the stonework on the old clock and the charming faces on the two-sided clocks.
    But my favorite is the one that is framed within the dark shadow of that wonderful arch. It is beautiful.

    Hopefully you got your allotment of sunshine vitamin D that day. :)

  2. Thanks! There always seems to be something to shoot when I go out and about.

    I haven't been out in the sun much since that day. Too hot n humid! I'll just take the prescription Vitamin D and calcium! lol

  3. You have a sharp eye for beauty in everyday things, JoJo. I love doorway shots, with old paint, and closeup of detail in buildings. I especially like the wave painint on the side wall of that building.

    A daily walk might help with the vitamin D. I dislike the humidity, too, I need coolness.

  4. That's 'wave painting'. Sheesh.

  5. Love the time worn and chippy. Great phots....

    Hope the dentist visit wasn't painful!

  6. That would be "photos". Gad

  7. Wonderful photos! Such an interesting little place. And thanks for another picture of violas. :)

  8. Thanks everyone! :)

    My dental cleaning that day was frickin torture. That's what I get for not flossing or seeing a dentist in more time than I'm willing to cop to. I was on soft foods the rest of the day!

  9. I love the picture of the pansies!!


  10. Wow, I feel like I've been there. I don't know why, but the clock being wrong in two time zones just cracks me UP. Loved the graffiti wave on the building, and oldness of it all. Great main street. Ours looks a lot like that.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  11. Loving your photos as always!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  12. That's a quaint little town. I wouldn't mind being ordered to be out in the sun every day. I'm glad you have some lovely sights to take in.

    Thanks so much for commenting and following me, JoJo. Your blog is a fun spot, so I'm here to stay too.

    Be well.

  13. Such a peculiar city! Frankenstein hot dogs? what? :) lol
    I hope your 15 minute walks did good to you, Jojo. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Clicks are great! Love the work been done on the old lock.That was something different :)

  15. Beautiful collection of photos, you do such a nice job of capturing the feel of a town.
    Everyday Inspired