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June 20, 2013

Butterflies & Bournedale

Butterflies of Cape Cod reopened for the season on June 1 so I headed down to see their new habitat.  I inquired if they ever sold any of the jewelry I dropped off last fall and I was pleased to receive a check from the sales!

Their new habitat is really nice.

Can't remember the name of these moths, but they only live a week because they don't have a mouth!  The caterpillars are able to eat but once they emerge as moths, they starve!  Poor things.


More getting ready to hatch.  This features only regional butterflies and ones that can live in our climate.

Around the grounds.

Then I walked up to the old Bournedale Schoolhouse and the smaller building next door.

Reflection of the schoolhouse in the window.

Bournedale Schoolhouse, 1897.

No idea what it's used for now, but it looks like a preservation group is looking for donations to upgrade the place.


  1. How pretty! Isn't it fun to get a check like that? It's been a while but I loved going into places to see if there was a check there for something I sold.

    LOVE little Johnny-jump-ups. Your photo was so sweet of them! :)

  2. Beautiful photos JoJo! Love the macro shots - but poor moths! No mouths? I have never heard that before...

    Congrats on your cheque!

  3. Great photos of the moths, but what inspires me are the photos of the old schoolhouse, especially the one repeated in the window image. (love the reflective collage look)

  4. Is it an atlas moth? They have a butterfly exhibit at London Zoo - my favourites are the glass butterflies. Bit difficult to see though...

  5. JoJo, these photos are absolutely stunning! {Poor little moths, I feel very bad for them}

  6. What an interesting place and with some history behind it too.

    lovely photos of the moths and butterflies. So sad about the adult moth with no mouth. Nature is truly strange but it did create a very beautiful little creature, even if it does only live for a short time.

    Oh and hurray about finding out you had made some sales and had money awaiting you. Those are the best surprises. :)

  7. Looks like an idyllic place! Congrats on the jewelry sales, that's so cool!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. Congratulations on your check. What a great surprise. Loved the photos!!


  9. Never heard of such a moth.. poor thing!

    Those buildings in your pics look creepy... to me at least.

    I liked the moon and the earth sculpture!

  10. Hi Jojo, lovely pics, beautiful colours. Love the old buildings!
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Great photos! I love visiting places like that. Glad to hear you made some sales! You'll have to give me some tips since my new life will include trying to sell things I have and things I make.

  12. Great photos! That is interesting about the moth, but so sad they are really cool looking. Congrats on your check.
    Everyday Inspired