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June 18, 2013

Baby and Dad Projects!

Card I made for our niece who recently had a baby!  BTW, I went to see baby Abigail when she was 6 days old and she's adorable and so teensy!!!

This is the inside writing area.

And a cross stitch that I kicked butt on, because I started in mid-May for an early June birth!  I needed a frame and rather than get a generic one, I bought a plain wooden frame, painted it pink and then added the 2 flower stickers.  The stitched lettering gave me fits and I ripped it out a few times before I got it right.  I was pretty bummed that the lettering in the picture on the kit looked nothing like the lettering instructions given for the alphabet and numbers.  

I also did a Fathers Day altered book project for my honey.  I was so excited to do it and it only took about 2-3 hours and I was sad it was done so quickly.  I'm leaving the pics in a small size to make them as anonymous as possible, as I've not asked the kids if it's OK for me to post pictures of them here. I also haven't posted pictures of this project on Facebook because I don't want the kids to be embarrassed or uncomfortable with their baby pics being shown.  The first on the cover is him with them at Disney World from 2000 when they were still quite small.  (You can click on the pics to make them bigger though).

The photos on the left side of each page are of Russell with each child when they were babies or toddlers, plus a small professional picture of them and the right side of each page has a recent photo of him & each kid. I spent quite awhile looking at all his old photos and it's true what they say: First child is in 1000 pictures, second child in 200 by themselves and the rest with their older sibling, third child appears in most photos with his siblings!  lol  I had my pick of great photos of his eldest, but boy did I have to dig for ones of the youngest!!

His oldest son

His daughter.   She is the only one of the three who knew what I was doing because I had to get her over here to shoot her pic with him!  

Youngest son.  This pic of them, taken one Sat. when they went golfing together, was what gave me the idea for this project. 

The 2 youngest visited us one afternoon so I got a pic of them with him, and then I had to add a cut out of one of his oldest, because he lives in Ohio now.  They've told me in the past that it's next to impossible to get all 3 of them together in the same place, so this was my only option! 


  1. The baby card is precious and I think your cross stitch piece is wonderful. Yes for some reason they fudge on the photo piece. My daughter has been working on a cross stitch baby quilt for about 2 years now and she constantly complains that parts of her quilt is not like the picture on the kit.

    I love the fantastic album you've made for you hubby. A gift like that truly comes from the heart and is priceless.

  2. That's a great cross stitch and personal card. Congrats to your niece!

    I did cross stitch and crewel birth announcements for both daughters. With writing, I tend to do less needlework. But I have one or two projects sitting in the sewing corner.

  3. The picture on the kit showed a very pretty script type lettering. I ended up doing her name in all capitals b/c the lower case letters looks horrid. Russell didn't think the first version looked that bad but when he saw the final one, he agreed that all caps was the way to go.

    Oh, and he loved the book. I slipped it into his lunch bag when he left on Sat. night so that he'd find it when he was on the road.

  4. I love hand made cards. There's a place I go to that's local where I buy them. They are so beautiful and show a person you went to the extra mile to get them something special instead of generic.

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    You REALLY need to set up your own business!

  6. Wonderful card and gift for hubby JoJo!

    And the cross stitch is too cute; geez, my current cross stitch project has been sitting neglected for far too long; good for you for finishing yours on time!

  7. Your baby card is adorable and the photo book is just amazing!! I think hand made cards are so much more special than the store bought. The cross stitch is awesome. When I tried doing counted cross stitch my eyes crossed more than my stitches. LOL Awesome job on all your crafts.


  8. What a thoughtful gift. I bet he really enjoys that through the years to come. I have always thought handmade gifts and cards offered twice the gift because as I made them I thought about and prayed for the recipient. Lovely card and cross stitch, too. :)

  9. You've made such nice projects recently, Jojo! I liked the cross stitched card a lot as I never tried cross stitch (yet);)
    Your Father's day album is awesome too, what a great idea! I am sure that the Father and kids all loved it!

  10. Lovely projects. I tried cross stitching but it drove me mad. My nearly two year old granddaughter is called Abigail,lovely name.

  11. You never cease to amaze me with your talents, JoJo. That photo album for Father's Day is something he is going to treasure for years to come. I used to cross-stitch quite a bit but lost interest after my daughter was born. Don't know why...

  12. Thanks everyone. Actually my stepdaughter said, 'he'll probably look at it once and that'll be it'. lol That's why I made sure it went out on the truck with him. He loved it but he said he wished there was a pic of me in it...but I'm neither his child nor the mother of his children so why would I be? Guess I'll have to send a picture of me with him next time! lol

  13. I enlarged the photos and oh my, the attention to detail is most impressive.

    Smiles for baby Abigail :)

    And what a marvellous surprise album for your beloved hubby.

    Gary :)

  14. Homemade gifts are the best- things they will hold on to forever!