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June 22, 2013

10 Years

It's hard to believe that my dad passed away 10 years ago tomorrow.  Today would be my parents' 66th wedding anniversary. I made this altered book in about 2005 or so, to help me work through my grief.

The lyrics at the bottom are from the Dave Matthews Band song, "The Dreaming Tree".  I love the song but it makes me cry every time I hear it.

Dad's on the left, mom on the right.  They thought they were invited to a costume party at their beach house, hosted by my cousins. So dad put on a wig and one of my mom's pant suits (how 70s), and they got some huge orange and pink sunglasses.  Not sure where mom got the shirt but she's wearing a captain's hat.  We arrived at the beach house and they were shocked to find out they misunderstood the invitation.  Hilarity ensued.

Dad used to perform in the annual Lions Club Minstrel Show.  He was a member of the main chorus and often sang a solo (as seen on the left, he was singing 'Baby Face').  He got great pleasure out of dressing in drag for the Flora Dora Girls.  I always laugh at the unfortunate flash bulb reflection on his balloon boobs.  

He always took me to see the Red Sox.

He marched in many town parades as part of the Lions Club.

At the airport when our 3 week trip to California commenced in August, 1988.

I got this note when I got a raise at Channel 56.

The last time I saw him in April, 2003.


  1. Oh JoJo, what an incredibly wonderful memory book for an obviously incredibly wonderful man.... You are so lucky to have had such great times together. Love it!

  2. Just gorgeous. What a great commemorative for your dad. Memories are golden. Like that photo of the two of you together at the airport.

  3. Thanks. He was a great dad. Truly one in a million.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your dad, who sounds like a wonderful man. I can't imagine my life without my Dad. He's still holding strong, but Parkinson's is nasty, so we just treasure every moment. Looks like you did too.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  5. Lovely memories.

  6. (((Hugs))) JoJo xx What a lovely tribute to your dad xx
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  7. You are fortunate to have had a dad whom you loved so dearly. The book is lovely.

  8. Thanks everyone. :)

  9. This memory book is awesome!! You have such lovely memories of your dad and did such a wonderful job of documenting them.


  10. Dear JoJo,

    A beautiful tribute to your beloved dad. And the reflective memories are forever captured in your heart, mind and soul. And a book of memories for that added warm touch, to help you, to be a form of profound therapy.

    Bless you and the memory of your father.


  11. What a wonder tribute to your father, it sounds like you were a very lucky daughter.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. Such treasured memories and what a lovely memory book. I know you will always cherish the book,just as you cherished the wonderful man that inspired you to create it.

  13. Aw! What a sweet and lovely tribute to your papa! <3
    Some Dark Romantic