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December 17, 2012

More Projects and Pepper Wins A Major Award!

Here's another one I've been dying to try.  Glue flat glass blobs onto a bottle, stuff some lights inside and VOILA!


I liked this design I saw online too so I made one.  Am kind of obsessed with the rainbow motif.

When I was younger, I thought the pink/white Christmas thing was ugly.  Now I find it really nostalgic and for some reason I associate it with the 1920s, 30s and 40s, but I don't know for sure b/c all the holiday pictures I've ever seen from those eras are black & white.  I saw a tutorial online on how to dye them.  I found small white ones & used Rit magenta dye.  But they were still missing something.

Snow! Right! So I first dabbed white paint on the tips, then painted the bases & branch tips with silver glitter pain

I tried a flocking technique with 2 of the trees, using silver glitter and then white/irridescent glitter, as well as the white-tipped-with-silver-glitter paint.  Put to a vote amongst my friends, the white tipped on the right was preferred, with the center tree coming in second.

I entered Pepper in a little contest on the Will Tree Poultry Farm Facebook page.  They make the best pot pies on the planet and I reeeeeally missed them when I lived out west.  They asked people to post a photo of their mix breed with info about them.  I posted a super cute pic of her, the one posted on the right side of the page in fact, and I got a message from Willow Tree almost right away saying that she was so cute that they wanted to send her a prize.  I was quite tickled.  The package arrived the following day.

Oh boy a new toy!

"Mama makes me poze wiff dis toy".  She was so impressed.  Not.  lol  Sagan, on the other hand, snatched it away seconds after I snapped this picture.

"Stop takin pitchers!"

Beautiful sunset that day too!


  1. I absolutely love the bottles that light up! They are so cool and pretty!


  2. Putting the light in there made it come to life!

    That sunset was so deceiving and made it seem like it was a warm summer night! NOT =P

  3. just popping in to say hello. Hope you are staying warm and cozy.
    xo m

  4. Congrats to Pepper!

    Been trying to find a way to make in-your-face earrings for last day of term, without them getting in the way or dragging my earlobes down, but no luck. Wish you were here!

  5. Sweet doggie!!!! (kiss)

  6. Congrats on winning this prize!:)
    Love the bottle you decorated..looks gorgeous! small trees are also lovely:)
    have a great day ahead!

  7. some more funky makes! I love that bracelet, have you got the link to the tutorial?

  8. Congrats, Pepper! Also, loved that sunset grabbed at my gut, you know. It's my fave time of day. ::sighs::