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September 20, 2012

Cape Cod Canal Cruise, Part 1: Onset to Sandwich

Labour Day weekend was really nice here; warm with a cool breeze and pretty dry.  Since the squeeze was home for a few days, I asked if he was up for a Canal cruise and he said Sure, Why Not, so we went on the Sunday morning.  It's "a three hour tour" (sung like Gilligan's Island) from Onset on the west end to Sandwich on the east, complete with narration of the history of it and points of interest.  This map shows the turn around point being in front of the Sandwich marina, but we really went out into the Bay to make the turn.

Onset                                                                                                                Scusset

Here we are, departing from Onset at 10.  

My adorable Bear.

My camera's been giving me trouble lately, with a lot of dirty sensor issues so I ended up not using a lot of what I shot and I wasn't happy w/ my pics, overall.

I was surprised that this woman's dogs were allowed on.  They were tiny Yorkies; I only took a pic of one.

Here's my new estate complete with boat house, yacht and wave runners.

Oh no wait, THIS is my new house.

This is a replica of President Grover Cleveland's summer home, Grey Gables till it was turned into a fancy restaurant that I remember being taken to as a child, but which burned down in a kitchen fire in 1973. It's since been rebuilt.

I do love this bridge.

Aptuxcet Trading Post, that I went to last March.

Approaching the Bourne Bridge.

Tons of marine traffic that day.

Looking back west.

I learned that all these rocks that line the edge are called "rip rap".  They help with erosion.

Rounding the bend.

Power lines

Sagamore Bridge

This home is built on top of the old drawbridge abutment.  Russell's great grandfather operated it in the early 20s.

Coming up on the oil tanks that store the oil for the power plant.

The Mirant Plant which will always be just the Power Plant or Canal Electric to me.  I've always felt it was a major blight on the landscape that is Sandwich.  According to info I've tracked down on line, it was opened in 1968. 

More tanks with newer rings around them, added after there was a fairly severe tank fire in the summer of 1980.  The rings help keep things contained.

Entrance to the Sandwich Marina.

The back of Joe's Lobster Mart (Joe's Lobstah Maht)

Coast Guard Station in Sandwich.

The Sandwich breakwater at the east entrance of the Canal.

Scusset Breakwater

Town Neck Beach in Sandwich

Buoy marking the entrance

Dune cliffs out at Sagamore Beach

Now we've turned around and are headed back

Part 2 to follow


  1. Wow!!

    Thanks for showing me the other side. I have never been in any waters in a boat on Cape Cod. And yea! thanks,wanting a labtah right now JoJo :/ lol ^^

  2. looks like a pleasant and breezy day - Sandwich is one of my favi places in England..

  3. Nice collection of photos! Looks like it was a fun day on the water.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. I think my favourite is the one with the clouds over the breakwater.

    Oh, and the one of Russell, of course!

  5. I loved the clouds in that power line picture...but then, I heart cloud-watching.
    Some Dark Romantic