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September 22, 2012

Cape Cod Canal Cruise, Part 2: Sandwich to Onset

On the way back, we went downstairs to grab a snack from the snack bar and I loved being so close to the water.  

There's that cool mural I shot back in June.  I like the reflection in the water.

And the seagulls wall.

This fishing vessel began to catch up to us.  It's the Virginia Marie and Russell realized with some horror that not only was it possible that one of his cousins might be on the crew, he also knew the Captain.  He was afraid that, if seen, he'd never live down the fact that he was on the Canal on a tourist ship.   

Needless to say Russell made sure not to make eye contact with the crew as they chugged by.

Once the Virginia Marie was in front of us, the stench from their bait was overwhelming on the cruise ship.

The old approach to the Bourne Bridge with Three Mile Look up above and the mural I always take pics of.

Under the RR Bridge again.

Mass Maritime

Fournier Brothers Tug

Training Ship Kennedy at MMA

It's really hard to see, but there's a giant nest in this buoy light thing.  Not sure for what.....possibly osprey, maybe cormorant.

Arriving back in Onset.

This was a very enjoyable tour, at least for me.  After we were done, Russell confessed that, because he's been back and forth through the Canal hundreds of times during his life, it wasn't quite as big a deal to him as it was for me since he hadn't spent the past two decades in another part of the country.  I hadn't thought of it that way before when I asked him to go! But like the sweetheart he is, he went along because I wanted to.

If you ever find yourselves in the Cape area, I highly recommend this trip.  It's scenic and informative.


  1. Ah, little sweetie to go with you on your longed-for trip.

  2. That's it, JoJo - they need to make YOU the official tour guide of Cape Cod because you made me want to visit! Well, not when it's cold though....