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June 23, 2012

Button Tree

Pinterest strikes again!!  Saw a button tree idea on there and had to try it.  My main problem is that I have been unable to find the right pins I want to use, so I bought ones at The Evil Empire that are pretty, but really too large.  

I first painted the styrafoam cone blue, then applied a coat of multi-coloured glitter paint over the blue.

Then started adding the buttons.  It was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle to make them fit right.

Here's the finished product.  I have one more cone left and I'm hoping to find the right pins before I do another one, although I do like how colourful this one is.  
The top part is temporary for now.  I didn't get the little styrafoam balls that the Pinterest craft showed as the topper.


  1. I think it still turned out cute JoJo. I've got this idea saved in my favorites for my girls club.

  2. Too cute! See, you and my sister are just going to make me have to check out Pinterest. You've gotten some great ideas there and I can feel it in my bones...I'm going to have to explore lol. :)

  3. How do you fit all your artistic creations into your house? And how do you protect them from doggie tails?

  4. You make the coolest stuff!! This would be a cool craft that even kids could do and have fun with!! Awesome!


  5. Love the colors!