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February 10, 2012

A Spin Around the 'Hood

I love our neighbourhood.  So much to see and shoot!

I had to trespass down someone's driveway, past their house, to shoot this sign on the garage.   I admit to having a 'sense of entitlement' when it comes to shooting a photo I really want, even if it's on private property.

I was distressed that I was completely unprepared to capture this rabbit, which is clearly not wild.  I was on foot, with Pepper, several blocks from home and my car.  This was also taken a day or so before Sagan arrived and I knew that it would be impossible for us to foster a rabbit with a German shepherd in the house. 

I will never tire of this buoy look.  It's so quintessentially Cape Cod/New England.

I love this intersection.  I mean what are the odds that 2 streets named Washington, where I moved from, and Bourne, where I moved to, would intersect?

There were 4 seagulls but 2 flew off before I could get this shot.

You would think the town would want to clear off these wires and that giant nest.

This is the Christian Science Church in our neighbourhood, a few streets over from my house.  It's the cutest building with great diamond pane windows.

Reflection of the winter sky and tree.


  1. Hope the bunny found its way home.

    Years and years ago I opened my bedroom curtains to see a bunch of little bunnies at the top of my garden. They disappeared back through the fence, and I never found out where they'd come from.

  2. You always take such lovely pictures!

  3. As it turns out, the bunny was at his own home! We took another walk and I was telling Russell about the rabbit and there he was! But from that angle I could see his hutch, and he was hanging out in the front yard w/ the family cat. I guess he's totally OK being on his own in the front yard.

    Thanks Diane!

  4. LOVE the pictures of the windows!! Not sure why I have a fascination with widows an doors, but I do!!