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February 12, 2012

A Coupla Cards, a Shell Thing and a Pretty Star

Thought I'd share a couple of new cards I made recently.  

The top one is a thank you card I made for Angie, using a vintage postcard of Mt. Desert Island in Maine, where she lives, and some ocean-themed elements.

Inside of the card

This one was for an old friend of ours, who is battling cancer. 

And the interior of that card.

My friend Barit went to Sanibel Island, Florida over the Christmas holidays and she brought me back a big bag of amazing shells.  Sanibel is known for it's incredible shells.  I made this with pink fresh water pearls on a piece of driftwood from White Horse Beach.

Whipped this off in about 90 minutes right after the snow storm.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    You are a One Woman Wonder; and should go into business selling what you make :0)

  2. 90 minutes to do that sweet little needlepoint? It took me a similar amount of time yesterday to take the hooks out of one curtain ready to have it cleaned! Still one more to go :(

  3. Diane, I know I's coming up with the real capital I would need to start said business. I truly was on a roll back in Washington. I was actively selling on Etsy and making some modest money. Then my life turned upside down in a good way. I need to get started again. I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Val, that was made during the time I was stressing about getting Sagan east, so I was a bit manic. I was even surprised how fast it took to finish.

  4. You make manic look GOOD. Keep it up. Your work is fantastic, as I have said a million times before and will a million times yet! I still show off your cards and necklaces to everyone within earshot. I am not your only fan over here, might I add ;-)