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February 8, 2012

Quiche and Kitsch

Marsha and I went to Cafe' Chew for lunch several weeks ago. It was my first time there and their menu is amazing.  I was having a hard time choosing, then Marsha pointed out the specials board and I spied asparagus & swiss cheese quiche with a salad and that decided it for me.  I love quiche. It was very tasty, as was the salad, which I believe used pico de gallo and shelled pumpkin seeds in it.  I assume the flower was edible but it was way too pretty to eat!  

She got the crock of chili with corn muffin.  We both scarfed down every last bit of food!!!

When I got home, the mail arrived with the kitschy Victoria BC mug that I got off ebay, shortly after the holidays.  In all the times I went up there, which was 5 in 9 years (plus once to Vancouver), I never bought a souvenir mug.  I started looking online for one, and found this listed on ebay.  I don't know how old it is.  There is a reference to a Fable Estate Cottage, which I never heard of.  Further research shows it was dismantled and moved to one of the islands years ago.  My fave part of this mug is Queen Victoria's "We are not amuzed" quote.  That really tipped the scales when it came to purchasing this.

I think it's too cool to use, and risk breaking, so it'll become part of my kitsch collection.

Sealand is also advertised and research reveals that it closed around 1991, so this mug must be from the 1980s.


  1. Absolutely belongs in the kitsch collection. Great find.

  2. I haven't had Quiche and Kitsch. Looks good.

    A Ladybug's Life


  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    The food looks almost too pretty to eat!

  4. Now I'm hungry and want to drink hot chocolate out of that mug!


  5. Anonymous5:17 AM

    I love that name of the restaurant...very clever. I'm a huge fan of asparagus and probably would have ordered the same thing.