Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

January 19, 2012

January Days

While I feel sorry for the plow drivers and ski resorts, I am loving this January weather.  We continue to have day after day of clear, crystal blue skies, with the occasional grey or rainy day.  We had a few bitter cold days again over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, where it got up to a balmy 17* one day.  Still, as long as you were bundled up, it wasn't that bad.  This came across my newsfeed on Facebook and it really made me laugh.  This was so totally me on those freezing cold nights and mornings!!!

Friday, Jan.13th was wicked windy.  There were gusts between 50-70 mph all day long, into the early evening and that's when the temps started to dip to single digits.  We'd gone into Sandwich to do some errands and saw that the Canal was extremely choppy.  When we got back to BBay we went over to the train bridge.  I could barely keep my footing in the wind.  I don't think I've ever seen surf like this in the Canal when it wasn't a nor'easter or hurricane.

These pictures don't do the waves justice at all.  It was high tide and the wind was screaming.

Needless to say, we didn't see any marine traffic this day.

It's hard to see, but this was taken from my windshield, because the rollers were very impressive from this angle.

Locust trees against the late afternoon sky on the 14th.  This is at my mom's.

Old building at the E. Sandwich Grange.

Flooded cranberry bog with a skimcoat of ice, on Old County Road.  Bogs are flooded in extreme temperatures to protect the plants.

Along Rte. 6A, E. Sandwich

At the Sandwich Marina.  These boats are in a vacant lot for the winter.  I didn't notice the masts sticking up when I first drove past them, till I got to the other side of the marina.  

Jan. 15th was the most frigid of the entire weekend. This cold steel brought to mind the scene in "A Christmas Story" when Schwartz double dog dares Flick to lick the flag pole. 

This was my Project 365 picture for that day.

Sunset from the back door, Jan. 15.

Another gorgeous, cold day on the 16th as well.

Stoked to see this Dead sticker on a canoe at Shawme Pond.  We are everywhere.

Shawme Pond starting to freeze, but not enough to skate on.

Don't these roots look like bones?  Especially that 'arm' in the upper right corner with 2 bony fingers giving the peace sign.

Shawme Pond.  That's a buoy in the ice.

My old stomping ground in Western Washington, is experiencing this, to which I say, "Better them than me!"  I'll take freezing cold and clear any day over snow!


  1. Won't be long now before the buds start to burst into flower and leaf.

  2. Beautiful as always! You are such a talented photographer!

  3. I think I was a dormouse in a previous life; I'd happily hibernate from Christmas until Easter ;0)

    Lovely pictures anyway!

  4. I like the change in your name to include the Photography.

  5. PS

    The Haiku is classic. I think it every morning!