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January 17, 2012

The Gratitude Journal

A few weeks ago, my dear friend and freshman year college roomie, Angie, posted on Facebook that she was going to make her mom a Gratitude Journal. I inquired and she told me that she takes a school composition notebook and covers it with pretty magazine/catalog cutouts and then seals them to the notebook with contact paper.  She said that the purpose is to write down 5 things per day for which you are thankful.  She asked if I would like her to make me one too and I leapt at the chance!  Angie is a gifted artist, photographer, belly dancer, poet and writer and her collage pieces are amazing.  I couldn't wait to see what she'd choose for me.  I love surrounding myself with creative people and am honoured when they share their crafts with me!

My journal was delivered at the end of that week and I LOVE the words and images she picked out.  See the marbles in the top right?  The "return home" and "create" are perfect!!

This is the back cover.  Loving the images here as well!!

We were busy that weekend and the first day I had a chance to start it was Monday, January 9.  I decided to add some fortune cookie fortunes that I'd saved too.  I only wish I'd thought to use a colourful gel pen instead of the regular blue pen that was on the table.  I may copy over the text with a blue sparkly gel pen, and then use coloured pens for the rest of the journal.  

Thanks Angie!!! You rock!!


  1. All those things AND a belly dancer! Wow!

  2. Not to mention wife to Henri of 28 years (I witnessed their elopement when we were sophomores in college!), mom to awesome Ben & Hannah, grandma to baby Martin, avid hiker, teacher and cook!

  3. Oh, this is such a good idea. Makes you think for a moment every day.

  4. What a great idea!