Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

December 18, 2011

Sandwich at Night

One cold night I bundled up and went into Sandwich to do some shooting.  I would have done more, but my camera batteries died.  I forgot how truly pretty my old hometown is during December.  A lot has been added since I was last here in the 80's.

This is Piano Works on Rte. 6A.  Their display is quite striking.  I would like to go there again and do some more shooting.

Old home downtown.

Reflections on Shawme Pond.

Jarves dolphin candlestick in lights at the Glass Museum and the full moon over the roof.  There are several of these custom made iron-and-light designs all over town, which is why I need to go back and shoot some more pics of them!

Glass Museum side door.

Full moon and clouds

Another old house

Town Hall

Tree in the pond

Dunbar Tea Shop on Rte. 130.

A blustery light design at The Weather Store on Main Street.

This really cool design is in front of St. John's Episcopal Church on Main Street.

Couldn't resist a little open-shutter fun....

I think this is a thrift shop on the corner of Jarves & Main Streets.

Christmas tree in front of the Brown Jug Antique Shop, Main Street.

And here, Christmas has thrown up on the lawn of the Dan'l Webster Inn.... This display is set to music and was blinking on and off in time with the different songs.

Dan'l Webster Inn

Dan'l Webster Inn's design.  Not sure what it's supposed to be, unless it's Daniel Webster himself?

Hospice Tree of Memories at the library.  Names of this year's dearly departed are printed on scallop shells. I have one with my dad's name on it from 2003.

Front door of the library.  This is where my batteries started to die.

I was only able to do a few psychedelic open shutter pics.


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  2. Your special effects are very special.

    There are hardly any lights outside people's houses round here this year. Probably depressed by the depression and shocked by the price of electricity.