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December 20, 2011

December 2011

I'm really having a great time this year, walking around to shoot everyone's decorations.  The lights have been spectacular.  The last few years in Washington, I noticed a huge reduction in people's lights and yard displays.  I assumed it was due to the economy and figured this was true of the rest of the country.  Not so, here.

This house is around the corner from me in Buzzards Bay.  We border on a pretty ritzy part of town because we are so close to the water.

Then I drove over to Scusset Beach to catch the sunset.

Since I was right near the bridge, I popped over to Sandwich to take some more photos.  This is the Pink Lady B&B.  It used to be where the priests lived when the Catholic Church was next door (which is desanctified and also a B&B), although it definitely wasn't this ornate and gingerbready back then!

The Belfry Inn, aka Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  I received my religious instruction here through confirmation when I was 14.  After that I was strictly a "Christmas Catholic", only going to Mass on December 24th.  The older generation of Catholics are still somewhat distressed that their church is now a place where people can sleep and do the nasty. I confess, I have dirty, perverted fantasies about staying here some night.  

A custom made crow at Crow Farm along Rte. 6A.

This colourful yard is across the street from my friend Gene's.  I noticed it the night of his party and made a mental note to come back and shoot it.

And of course have some more camera shaking fun.

I love how the house next door looks with the setting sun.

Then I went over to Marsha's house to shoot a few pics of her place and found this house down a side street in her neighbourhood.

This is at Marsha's house.  The lights look like little spermies.  lol  I wasn't intending to create that effect.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Finally, I'm beginning to feel Christmassy - thank you Jojo!!!

  2. That sunset is glorious. The kind that would have inspired Turner.