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December 16, 2011

Chair Stealin' Chair Stealer!

Although Pepper has adapted to her new home and surroundings, she gets extremely jealous when the squeeze and I show each other affection.  Because we don't have room for a couch in our little rental home, we have our chairs side by side.  Whenever I stand up to give my baby snuggles and kisses, Pepper decides that the vacant chair is now hers to claim.  She'll jump right up the second I vacate it.  She's also started to do it when it's just her and I at home alone.  I'll get up to get something and when I come back, she's all snuggled down and looking innocently at me.  

"MINE now mama! You go back to snogging Uncle Daddy!"

She looked so cute all settled down, glaring at me defiantly,  daring me to make her move.  So I put her new Lambchop toy on the chair with her.  I confess, I bought that toy more for me than for her, since it's so darn cute!

"My wamchop!"

But then she wrapped her paws around it and settled in, again with that, "I dare you to kick me off" look.  Little chair stealin' Chair Stealer!


  1. Irresistible!

    My kitties take it in turns to steal my place whenever I get up. Warmest seat in the house!

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    My dog was never supposed to be allowed on the couch, but when it was just me and him, he'd be up one end, and I'd be the other, and we'd be bum-to-bum as it were :0)

  3. My cats steal Every available space! And I love them to death :)