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August 11, 2011

Wisconsin: Land of Cheese, Beer and Sausage

I totally missed the Entering Wisconsin sign so this one had to suffice.

Billboard for the Wisconsin Dells.

Entering the Heartland of America.

But running out of things to shoot

We stopped here to get some cheese, beer and beaucoup souvenirs.  Didn't buy the fudge, or any sausages either.  

My parents and I traveled to Milwaukee in the summer of 1980 for my cousin Cathy's wedding.  It's a really pretty city with great German restaurants.

My car at the hotel, the morning we left.

I had no idea Hormel Foods was in Wisconsin.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    OK, am I now the only one doing Alice Cooper's 'Mill-a-walk-ay' routine from 'Wayne's World'?!!

  2. Yes, Diane.

    They love their food in Wisconsin.

    I think I need to move there...

  3. Cheese and beer...I love it! :-)

  4. I had no idea Wisconsin was home to Hormel either. Geez, you live and learn. All the talk about cheese, sausage making me hungry. Cheers Jo!!