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August 13, 2011

Illinois, Indiana & Ohio

I was now entering states that I'd been to twice before.  The only new states I added to my "Total States Visited" list were Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota.

We were also now entering Toll Country.

We left a little later this day because we wanted to get to Chicago in the mid-morning, after rush hour.  This is a rest area and restaurant over the highway.

Plane coming into O'Hare International Airport.

First glimpse of ChiTown.

I think this is the John Hancock Tower that my dad took me up in when we had a 5 hour layover between trains, on the trip home from Milwaukee in 1980.  

Where the Chicago White Sox play.

We lost our final hour when we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone between Illinois and Indiana.

I bet this company's business was booming this summer with the horrible heat and humidity the midwest experienced!!

I didn't see any planes making this X in the sky but I thought it was pretty cool.

Where I-80 and I-90 become one.


  1. and then 80/90 had a baby and it was named 170.

  2. What a truly epic journey!

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Now you're getting into more familiar territory to me. My bro and his wife just relocated to a suburb in Illinois for his new job...not too far away from Chicago. I have flown to Chicago into O'Hare Airport when I had to attend a trade show for my job. It was at McCormick Place...huge building. The people there are VERY friendly as I was accosted a few times by them, LOL, mainly in cabs where the drivers just helped themselves. Got to walk down Magnificent Mile and eat dinner at a fabulous restaurant. Really loved Chicago. Also, got to drive to Indiana to visit a friend attending Purdue University. Drove on I-70 many times for meetings when I was a sales rep for Panama Jack. Not much to see. Flat. That's it. What a trip you had.

  4. It truly was an amazing journey. And I'm well aware of the fact that this trip would be a litmus test on how well we get along and would be able to live together. I don't want anyone to get the idea that we are getting married any time soon, but this trip was like a honeymoon. I was starting to get sad once we got through Chicago because I knew the trip was ending soon. And I was super sad when we got thru NY. I remember whining, 'can't we just turn around, drive back and do it over again?' lol

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your travels, espcially when you hit bits I've visited. This time it was O'Hare Airport, in November 1976 to catch a flight to Memphis Tennessee. It was bloody freezing in Chicago - LOL!

  6. Well, you have the pics for posperity, right? My sister lives in Peoria. She's a graduate of Bradley University. My first solo air trip in my entire life I took to see her. I was 13 years old. My mother was a nervous wreck. Spent the summer with her. I loved Chicago. And you are right -any two who can travel like that and not pull each others eyes out are made for each other. lol! Cheers!!