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August 9, 2011

South Dakota to Minnesota

1880 Town, Murdo, SD

I love the electric and Shell gas signs in the olde western towne.  

Lost another hour here too.

We stopped for gas in this teeny tiny town, and now I wish I'd take a few more pictures and found out what town it was.

Missouri River in South Dakota.

Mirage of water on the road.

I SO want to see this someday.  But it was very far out of our way.

Porter Sculpture Park in Montrose, SD.  Who knew South Dakota had so many things to see?

We'd stayed in Brandon, SD overnight and arrived in Minnesota the next day.  Shooting into the early morning light made for bad photos.

I cannot believe there's a museum devoted to SPAM.  I mean, ew.  Ew ew ew.

Crossing the Mississippi River, which divides Minnesota and Wisconsin


  1. Does this mean you've been 'Feeling Minnesota'?

    Bizarrely, I KNEW there was a 'Spam' museum. Thank you Jojo, I wll probably spend the rest of the day singing the 'Spam Song' ('Spam,Spam,Spam,Spam, wonderful Spam, marvellous Spam.....') from the Monty Python TV sketch!

  2. Hey I launched into the Spam song too in the car!!! I was Feeling Minnesota, but unfortunately I didn't run into Sam or Jjaks. ;)

  3. Now you can put cross-country traveler on your resume. lol! Is that really a mirage? Never seen one before. Interesting dinosaur skeleton. Cheers Jo!!

  4. Damn, Diane beat me to it!

    I just love that sculpture of the person walking the dinosaur!

  5. South Dakota! My neighbor to the North :)

  6. Bad luck honey; back in the day, my friend named her dog after Jjaks ;0)

  7. LOVE the person walking the dinosaur! And, I would kill to visit anything having to do with Laura Ingalls and loved LHOTP. Great photos, JoJo!

  8. You have got to be kidding me Nantz. Little House? Eeeeewwwwww! LOL! Cheers!!

  9. Little House rules! I would love to see all of her homesteads. The one in Missouri I think is the biggest next to DeSmet b/c she lived there w/ Almanzo for the longest time. They had to make guestimates on the Kansas property. I think there's also a museum in Plum Creek & Walnut Grove, MN too

  10. Beautiful shots. I am sure seeing old farms, windmills, and barns got a bit old after a while, but they are so gorgeous!!! Love the shots :)

  11. Spam!!! It's a favorite in Hawaii. My favorite is Spam Musubi. And I'm also thinking of Monty Python's spam song! lol