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July 30, 2010

I Simply Must Make One of These!!!

This is Ramona Moon's "Turkey Toyota", a fixture at all Fairfax Festivals, Parades and Farmers Markets. Fairfax is a very funky, arsty, hippie, tree hugging town in West Marin County, at least it was when we lived for 6 years before moving to Washington. It was stuff like this that made us decide to live there. It's a 1967 Toyota Corona. I googled her name and the car and it looks like she lives in Ohio now, and had the car shipped there. I shot these photos about 15 years ago.

I really, really want to do one of my own. I have looked at this one up close on many occasions and the stuff she's stuck to the car is just soooo cool. Plastic jewelry, toys and dolls. Magic Markers form a rainbow on the doors. Action figures. Pez Dispensers. Stickers. It's awesome.
I figure the whole thing would be about a $2,000 investment for a beater car that runs OK, all the special adhesive and whatever I decided to stick onto the car. Oh the possibilities are ENDLESS! I could actually BEAD the car. I'd have a whole part devoted to a celestial theme too. Tie Dye of course. Bits of glass. Prisms. As the Grateful Dead song goes, "Too much of everything is just enough".

Too bad I don't have any disposable income. But someday, if and when I do have the disposable income.....Do I dare? >:P


  1. LOVE funky things!!
    I'm just curious - is it permitted to drive such a car on public roads, where you live? You could never ever do that in Germany :( the cops would wipe you off the road within seconds.

  2. i wondered that too jazzy - you'd certainly be known everywhere you drove

    ... but do you dare???? yeah jojo, if you could you would

  3. Now that is awesome! I personally don't have the patience for crafts on a large scale but I admire those who do.

  4. I would be so distracted if I saw something like this on the road. It was bad enough when I saw on trailers: 1. the basket of a hot air ballon; 2. a fairground ride; 3. The boat Gypsy Moth IV on which Sir Francis Chichester did the first round-the-world solo trip.

  5. Jazzy - Yes, you can drive funky stuff like that in the states. I mean a car like this is clearly just for show and special events, but you could get it from your house to the event w/o being hassled.

    Ann - You better believe I would.

    Music Wench - I don't have patience for anything except crafts.

    Val - Then you'd probably be distracted a lot in the states; people love to decorate their cars.

  6. That IS cool~ I have a couple of friends who did weird things to their vehicles... One guy is an artist and he painted his white honda with millions of interlocking skulls. It sounds hideous, but they were totally scary skulls and you had to look real close to even make out what they were. From a distance it just looked like a funky design.

    The other girl is also an artist and when her header inside her old car began to sag, she stapled and glued all sorts of fuzzy balls and playing cards to her roof! It was incredibly cool to ride around in it! It was as much fun as a Mexican taxi! (Only a way more trippy!)

    Anyway, I LOVE this car and would be interested to check out the items closer up. I may Google it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Correction: The skulls painted on the car were NOT totally scary! That is what I meant to say.

  8. Ummmmmmmmm, please tell me you would dare drive that piece of SHIT to work at a law firm? Love to agree to disagree. Cheers Jo!!

  9. I meant WOULDN'T dare. Cheers!!