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July 28, 2010

Our Stonehenge

Our townhome in Fairfax, CA had a unique floor plan, with vaulted ceilings and skylights upstairs. We moved into the place in August of 1994, and that fall, we watched as a narrow ray of sun crept down the wall along the stairs, from the skylight at the top of the upstairs hall. In March, it happened again. That time, I grabbed a faceted crystal ball, stood on the bottom stair and held the ball up into the ray of sun and a thousand rainbows flashed across the whole room. Brian yelled, "COOL!!!!! We gotta hang that there!" So I beaded a suncatcher, that hung there above the bottom stair in the livingroom, year round. Friends were always so puzzled, "Why in the world would you have a window crystal hanging there?" Because twice a year, near the Equinoxes, for about 4 or 5 days, the sun would light that bad boy up. So we started calling it our "Stonehenge". Now here's the kicker: The one and only time I thought to shoot a photo of it, as seen here, I didn't realize I had black & white film in the damn camera.


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    How beautiful! Kind of reminds me of that scene in "Pollyanna" when she holds up the prism to the light. I've been meaning to tell you, I noticed the names of your dogs and our very first family dog was named "Pepper."

  2. you guys are so cool with the things you do - gee i am soooooooooo boooooooooring

  3. Thanks for the direct invite over here, didn't know you had REDECORATED! :D Love the knew set-up, you know how much I love them UFO-clouds. (even if now I realize I didn't really see a UFO; nice to know I wasn't nutz.)

    Yeah, that is awesomeness. Did someone actually build the house that way?

    BTW, did you see the Catahoula on Facebook? (my daughter's doggie, Blue.) Isn't he just so great? Such a sweet temperament and VERY vocal dog, he practically talks to you. They call them "leopard hounds" too, since they are spotted. I just fell in love w/him and I am not especially a dog-person. But some animals/breeds almost command respect and love!

  4. Your imagination knows no limits.

  5. Nantz - what kind of a dog was your Pepper? Ours is a mix breed. She's a cutie.

    Ann - You are so NOT boring! Not with all your adventures in Israel!

    Daisy - Welcome back! I've missed you so much! I don't think the townhouse was built that way on purpose as we lived in a small village of condos and townhomes in Fairfax. We just happened to buy one that had that effect!

    Val - And I'm limited only by my budget. lol