Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

November 2, 2018

Stormy Days and Crafts

The year is rapidly coming to a close and I wish time would slow down.  

Shadow is still coming over but she's starting to fail really fast which is heart breaking.  Russell had just finished giving her a bath and she was fast asleep under the blanket. 

We had one afternoon of really unusual weather for this area.  There were a couple of water spouts in the Canal which I didn't get pics of.  Some people got awesome video of them though and it was a sight to see.  There was a small tornado that night too about an hour northwest of us.  At our house we had thunder and a torrential downpour of ice pellets.  That's one splashing off the table.


My daughter in law is soooo subtle.  😆

Like I'm gonna turn down that request!!!  PB fudge for Casi.

Hagrid's Hut metal model by Fascinations Metal Earth.  This one had so many teeny tiny pieces.  Took about 4 days to build.  I have to keep stopping when I get frustrated.

Finished my Hogwarts Starry Night diamond painting.  I love it.

I got this latch hook kit a few months ago.  It was intimidated by the size and was afraid I forgot how to do it.  I managed one row during the summer and took it to OH to work on in the hotel, but it never left the truck the whole time we were there.  I finally decided to do it and it took about a week of hours each day.  Once I got going, it went so much faster.  We had a nor'easter stormy day and I spent the entire day in my craft room working on this.  Thank god for You Tube for the refresher in latch hooking.  Now I need to find a pillow to stuff inside.  The back is already attached so I don't have to sew anything.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  Bring on Thanksgiving!!!


  1. those storm pics are wicked. Hard to believe it's November already.
    Have a good weekend

    1. The day we left for vacation I guess there were tornado warnings again on the Cape. Wacky weather!

  2. I love the painting.. it is marvelous!

    1. Thanks Krishna! A lot of fun to make!

  3. I'm sooo sorry to hear about Shadow. You know we had to send one of ours across the rainbow bridge and we're still mourning. It's tough. I love that picture of the raindrop. So cool!


    1. Sadly Shadow crossed the bridge on Thursday morning. We were still out of town and weren't able to go with Samm. It was so very sad.