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August 26, 2018

Annual Trip to PTown, Part 2

No trip to Provincetown is complete with a stop at Shop Therapy.  But first we were on the hunt for some lunch.

This cracked us up.  What's more, they wanted $10 for him. 

More of the front of Shop Therapy

Every time I go to PTown I say I'm going to stop here before I leave. Every year I forget.  This year was no different.

We had lunch here at The Mayflower, which has been in PTown since the 1920s.  I remember being little and eating here.  I was terrified at the caricatures on the walls.  They truly scared me.  It wasn't until I was in my mid 20s that I would set foot inside this place to conquer my fear.  

They still creep me out. 

Happy hubby holding up a Cape Cod placemat. 

I have always loved these.  All the restaurants on the Cape had them 'back in the day'. 

Thought this was cool too.  It's a real working tide clock.

Before going inside Shop Therapy, I had to detour down the alley next to it cause it's just the coolest exhibit of art.  The pictures I have posted here are the G or PG rated ones.  Others are not suitable for work, and can be found on my Facebook page.

Anyways, I'm glad I didn't get in trouble for taking pics inside.  I can't resist.  I mean since I can't possibly afford ALL of it, I need pictures so that I can at least look at all that cool stuff!!  Oh, as a side note, the upstairs is all adult stuff, so it's 18 and older only.

I just want to LIVE here.  Everything is so neat!  I got Mark a blue tie dye romper.

If I had the room to display this, I would have bought one.  It's so pretty!!!!

Now there's a dream catcher!

Wanted all, purchased none.

I tried to capture the spinning with so-so results. 

We are hoping to go back up in the fall when it's less crowded.


  1. Alice in Wonderland and a doggie mailbox. You do photograph some varied things.

    1. Lots of varied things to shoot up there!

  2. super enticing...I have to start planning a vacation to Provincetown. Wow - shop and colorful therapy. I don't think anyone could be depressed there. Big thumbs up! Have a good week ahead

    1. You HAVE to see it!!!! Definitely a bucket list item!

  3. Oh, I could shop like crazy, if I was there! Good thing I'm not, haha. Nice shopping trip - Thanks!

    1. It's very easy to shop till you drop up there but I was trying to be good cause we went to OH for a week to see the grandkids.

  4. Now I would have loved to have visited the Portuguese bakery. They make some good pastries. the other shop wouldn't interest me a bit I'm afraid.

    1. I would like to visit that bakery too but I never remember till I'm half way home. haha