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December 9, 2015

More Marble Mania!

I can't believe I didn't wear out my camera with the non stop snapping.  I figure if I can't own them, I might as well shoot them for posterity.

As you can see, you place the marble at the top and watch it roll down and around the track.  It was pretty cool.

This one is brilliant and so unique.

By this point, Russell asked me again what  I would do if I only had film to shoot on anymore. Seriously how did I live within the confines of 24 and 36 exposure film?

These are old sulphides.  They look kind of plain but they are among the most expensive antique marbles you can find.  I have 4 of them...3 in OK condition and the 4th is gorgeous and I paid a pretty penny for it too, I might add. 

Coloured glass sulphides are extremely rare and worth tons more than clear.

Here was another marble drop game.  I liked this one better than the other one.

More games.

What I wouldn't give to own this bad boy.....

More wee piggies

Marble Mania! at the Sandwich Glass Museum will be in town through March, 2016.  Definitely worth the visit!


  1. I could look at these for a long time, a marble art exhibit. I'm a fan of glass objects, especially coloured glass and would love to visit that museum! Thanks for sharing these, JoJo. I don't know how I survived with the old limitation of film either, and it cost us more when we made mistakes, too.

    1. Thank you! These marbles are exquisite. I can't get enough. I am hoping I can go a couple more times before the exhibit leaves town.

  2. Wow these are fantastic. Love the colors. Amazing stuff!!!

    1. Wouldn't it be cool to make these?

  3. That dish of black and white ones really caught my eye. They are all so incredible!

    1. I know. They were calling out my name to take them home with me.