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January 2, 2014

Jar of Good Things and a Plate of Beads

I started to see a 'Jar of Good Things' show up on my FB timeline on New Years Eve, so I decided to make one in the hope that I remember to write stuff down all year and put it in the jar.  I mod podged some celestial tissue paper on a pickle jar and added the quote.

My dear friend Joe was on vacation in Prague a couple of months ago and picked up these Czech glass beads for me!  They are beautiful and I've enjoyed examining all of them up close.  


  1. Nice work Jojo.. I usually write down my good things in a diary ..but this looks like a great idea .

  2. It almost looks like a plate of jelly beans - a fun mix of colors.
    I guess I see everything through sugar-coated lenses, and should not ever attempt to do bead work. I'll end up in the hospital, with a belly full of beads.

    But you enjoy these, JoJo. That was very generous of your friend.


  3. I love the jar and the beads are beautiful! ♥

  4. The Jar of Good Things sounds like a wonderful and fun idea.
    For some reason when I look at that fantastic plate full of gorgeous Czech beads, it reminds me of a beautiful kaleidoscope