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January 4, 2014

A Hot Mess

It amazes me how fast my craft room gets dusty and disorganized.  By the end of December, it was a white hot mess.  I decided to take the bull by the horns and try and get a handle on this.  

There's no room on my table, which is piled with half done projects and repairs.

This is a horror show.  Stuff's always dropping on my head or spilling onto the floor.

Baggies of Christmas things I was intending to use for altered art that I never got around to making.

How that upper shelf doesn't collapse amazes me.  

I've been chipping away at it....hopefully by the time this posts I will have made real progress!


  1. JoJo - looks like my work room. lol I try to remind myself of what Albert Einstein said: "If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mine - then what is an empty desk the sign of?" :D

  2. Good luck with the cleanup! I just finished cleaning up our spare room of wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons.... with the help of three cats no less. Now that it is done I can get back to crafting. Feels good to get it done before getting back to work Monday! Happy weekend JoJo!

  3. I always get sidetracked when I start a clean-up/clear-out. Never seem to make any inroads.

  4. I've totally stalled out with just one corner and my table left to do. :(

  5. WOW, you have enough craft supplies to keep you in rapture for a good long time making beautiful things. ♥

  6. Good luck with the clean up.....I know that feeling.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. A whole room for crafts? You're very lucky. Looking forward to the after photos.

  8. Yep, looks just like mine :)
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  9. Looks my studio did all December long. It took a couple of days to organize, but well worth it. I hope you are having success with your space as well!
    Everyday Inspired