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December 21, 2013

Still Crafting!!!

I have no upcoming shows but I can't stop making things.  I have so many projects and tutorials saved that I just have to keep chipping away at them.

This is a cinnamon stick star I saw on Pinterest.  The person that made the one I saw used different decorations like real juniper and star anise, neither of which I had.  However, I was able to snip a few bits off of some existing decorations to use in the corner, and I found a small cardinal mixed in with my Christmas craft supplies.  

Then I had to make more of course.

Craft kit of the month came in and I wanted to get that done ASAP too.  The bags are made from vellum and had to be traced, cut and folded.  Then embellished with rub ons, embossing and small pearls, assembled and the ribbon handles were added last.  I worked on these while watching the Seattle Seahawks kick the Giants' ass on a cold, rainy Sunday.

Here's another lit bottle with blue, purple and green glass blobbies glued on.

It's somewhat difficult to make the blobs fit well all the way around and I tried to do all my 'fudging' on one side that I keep turned towards the back.

And another picture I saw on Pinterest using beach glass wired wrapped to a starfish.  This is a prototype but I've had some friends express interest in buying them.  I can get the starfish at the Christmas Tree Shoppe, but only in summer unfortunately.  I popped in to buy some and was really disappointed that they are gone till next year. 

This is another one I'd been wanting to do, making a suncatcher with the plastic Makit Bakit crystals.  I found one of their kits to make bowls by melting the bits in a pie tin and then shaping the sides as they cooled.  I really bought the kit because it had large bags of crystals which are next to impossible to find.  I melted them in the pie tin but I didn't shape the sides.

This one I did in a cookie cutter.  Unfortunately the heat of the oven and expanding crystals popped the soldering on one of the cutter seams, down at the bottom which is why it looks so raggedy.   

Russell's niece had asked me to make a beach glass bracelet for her sister....

....and liked it so much she commissioned four more.

And since I had everything out and a tall, thin jar, I tried again with this Austrian Santa snowglobe.


  1. You're a crafting machine, JoJo! Those beach glass bracelets look marvelous, as Mr. Crystal would say.
    Happy Holidays, JoJo! I like those cinnamon stars - they have a rustic flair.

  2. Honest to gawd, you are the most talented blogger I know! The jagged bottom on the heart just gives it artistic character. Love the cinnamon stars!

  3. I'm mesmerized by the multi-colored dream catcher.
    Keep your craftiness going, JoJo. We're all enjoying it.
    Blessings and cheer,

  4. you definitely got my portion of crafting skills :-)

    Merry Christmas and thanks for signing up.. I will update the list to reflect your choice of Massachusetts :-)

  5. JoJo!! Loads of pretties here. My faves are the stars. Love the heart too. You've been a busy little bee. :)

  6. If I had half your crafting talent, I'd be super awesome at it. You are very clever and thus, super, super awesome.

    Mesmerising stuff, JoJo.

    Gary :)

  7. Love the sea glass bracelets best of all. I have a thing for sea glass. Of course, that's not to take anything away from the other amazing things you've shown us here. You truly are the queen of crafts!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. I do love your cinnamon stars, they are sweet.
    Very lovely photography, wish I was that good..I know
    I've taken a good photo when I haven't cut anyone's head
    off!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Your snow globe is great, really professional.

  10. JoJo - love the cinnamon stick stars, what a clever idea- both fragrant and decoratively pretty. Also love your sea glass bracelets, I'm sure those will be big sellers.
    Hope your Christmas is a joyous one - well gotta run and bake another pie (2 down and 1 to go).

  11. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Well done you - meanwhile, I started knitting my dad a scarf around 1967 (nope, never did finish it)